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In this article, I am going to describe in detail how I conduct my energy consulting services.  In the market, there are many so-called acclaimed spiritual and religious masters or gurus who perform the blessing and consecrating services,  bringing about positive results to those who solicit their services.  There are also charlatans who similarly purport to perform such services for a fee but in actual fact, they are all out to cheat their customers.  They often fail to produce the desired results which they would unabashedly promise.

To begin with, I shall reveal my background culminating in over 30 years of practicing Energy Work and Meditation.  Over the period of time, I have evolved my unique personal style,  integrating methods of multiple systems – Buddhist Meditation, Taoist Qigong Practice, Hindu Chakra System and Western Theosophical knowledge on Human Energy and Universe Energy Fields, and metaphysical application of stones and crystals.  I do not go around bragging that I am spiritually endowed and being conferred great spiritual powers by Divine Entities.  All that I have attained over the years are through sheer hard work, learning and practicing.




Most practitioners offering blessing services would not reveal or do not know how to explain how they go about performing their rituals other than relying on their inflated claim of invoking the powers of their Divine Beings.  As for myself, I have nothing to hide and shall now delve into how I have been systematically conducted my Energy Consulting services which are explained as follows: –

(1)  General interview of the customers – their name, age,   marital status and what they do for a living to establish a connection and put them at ease

(2)  Scanning of their body for blockage and impurities, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses of their energy systems.

(3)  Overall cleansing of their body and energy system – Using the Etheric Pyramid method, I visually conjure an imaginary golden pyramid above their head, continuously spinning it counter-clockwise to neutralize the negative energy and smoothen their overall energy system.    I actually work on the energy fields connecting to the chakra systems,  cleaning them layer by layer beginning at the Etheric Energy Field connecting to the Base Chakra, spiraling upwards to their Emotional Energy Field linked to their Sacral Chakra and until I clear the Ketheric Energy Field relating to the Crown Chakra.


The description of the 7 Energy Fields and their relationship with the Chakra System is too complicated to explain here and merits a more in-depth discussion in future. But, overall it is my immense ability to connect through my thoughts and awareness to the energy dimension that allows me the access and manipulation of these physically unseen forces.

(4) Invoking a column of light –  Depending on the faith of the customer, I would chant mantras of Buddha, Bodhisattvas or Devas and Deities to empower the column of light and flush it downwards from top to bottom.  For those who are uncomfortable with the religious overtone of chanting, I will invoke the crystalline light energy to activate the light column. (

(5)  While transplanting positive energy with the column of light, I also comb their energy system to weed out the residual negative energy.

(6)  Balance their 7 major chakras so that they are functioning in unison and of the same sizes.

(7)  Cleaning their skin and pores to remove toxic energy from the skin. (Optional)

(8)  Cleansing and polishing with energy their faces to bring back the healthy glow. (Optional).  A shinning complexion on the face, especially the forehead, normally increases the chances of receiving good fortune and luck.

(9)  Divination of their wealth, career, health and family using the Yi Jing method. This is where I can advise on the prevailing luck cycle over the next few months.

(10) Empowerment of talismans, charms, and pendants (including stones and crystals).

(11) There is no physical contact during the whole session.  I would estimate that the energy cleansing and empowering would stand effectively for the duration of approximately three to six months.  It all depends on the aggregate factors – a health condition, emotional interferences, a prevailing environment at home, at work and at play and people with whom they interact with. All these would over a period of time adversely affect and change the overall health status of the person’s energy system.

I have scored some immediate successes in helping some of my customers to gain windfalls, especially in 4D draws.  However, not all who come to me for energy consulting services would similarly strike the pot of gold.  I always caution that everybody has a luck cycle and if it is not timely for them to welcome Lady Luck they would just have to be patient and wait.  My services in actual fact cleanse away the obstructing negative energies and improve upon the overall positive energy of the person so that he is in a favorable position to receive good fortune and good luck. But more importantly, the energy cleansing and empowering will also impact favorably on the person’s overall protection against negativity, and help improve their health conditions, career and business, and family harmony.

This energizing session could be performed remotely, over space and even time.  I have scored some significant successes in conducting such sessions remotely, not only on individuals but also on premises,  and locations.   All I require to perform such service is a medium of connection for those individuals I have yet to meet up face to face –  preferably a recent photograph or video clips. The same would apply to scan and blessing of premises and locations.    Connection by surrogate is also possible if a person who wishes to solicit my service on behalf of another person.  All he has to do is to think of the person and I would try and tap on to his thoughts to try to establish a connection.  ((



Anthony Leong


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  1. How many years were you into energy work before you provided it to others as a service ?

    1. Thanks for your favorable response to my blog. I started way back in the early 1990s, some 28 years ago. But I need to stress that experience does not only come from years of practice; with the right training methods, attitude, aptitude and perseverance, one can attain the level where they are sufficiently competent to provide energy service within shorter span of time. Along the way, I have made many mistakes, had periods where I was so disillusioned that I nearly wanted to give up, and endured adverse reactions from those people close to me.

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