In this article,  I am going to introduce a much-talk-about meteorite Moldavite, which is definitely an awesome stone.   It is both a good healing and protective stone,  offering good luck and helps with successful business and career.   I started using it almost 20 years ago with amazing results. Nowadays, most reputable rock shops carry the stock and online purchases are quite convenient for would-be buyers. I remember that back in the mid-Nineties there was a stone retail outlet in the States called Heaven & Earth which not only had an impressive collection of Moldavite species but also had been aggressively marketing the stone and publishing books and periodicals promoting it.

Background History

To give a brief history of the stone,  about 20 million years ago there was a meteorite shower in the Moldau Valley of Czechoslovakia. The result of this shower was moldavite, a rare crystal of a bottle-green, translucent hue. Although some people believe that it is a true meteorite (formed in outer space), it is more generally believed that it originates from the rock which was struck by a meteorite and melted, and combines extraterrestrial and terrestrial properties.

My Collection Of Moldavites

I combine moldavite with the diamond in a ring to make it an offensive and defensive instrument. I used to have a Star of David pendant and a Goddess of Mercy (Quan Yin) amulet made of moldavite. I have another piece in the shape of a snake gallbladder which I use as a pocket laser. I use Moldavite nuggets to make a powerful elixir, both for healing and for blessing purpose. I have made another very powerful laser wand by coming it with double terminated red quartz, a garnet, and a single terminated amethyst. The stone does not need cleansing; to turbocharge it you can expose it under the sun.  After it has absorbed the solar energy the stone becomes more vibrant and powerful. But, these days I use the Mantra of Light to charge it up.

Qigong And Moldavite

Chinese Qigong masters who had encountered the stone described it as the unique green colour often associated with the luminous green colour of those outer space aliens and their space vehicles. Seen against the light the translucent stone is a beauty to behold. You cannot describe the green in any earthly language. Chinese believes the stones are good for healing the liver and the associating organ of the eyes. One Qigong exponent described an experience where he could meditate and stay up the whole night without falling asleep after having a piece of Moldavite with him. Other stones that are often found in the meteorite, besides diamond, is peridot which also has a very unique and enchanting green.

Common Reactions To Moldavite

Another name given by Chinese stone hobbyists to Moldavite is the Stone of the Demons. The reason – they believe that the stone is so powerful that it may cause novices and the uninitiated individuals to lose consciousness momentarily; so those who are driving and working on machines are advised not to have them on their persons for the fear of ending up in accidents while they are all of the sudden “seized” by the stone.

Otherwise, most people when they first come into contact with the stones would feel from the mild tingling warm sensations to a sudden painful experience as if being burned, or have that “spacey feelings”. (Another stone a native of America the Herkimer Diamond of New York also gives that same spacey feeling to the users)..

My Personal Experience with Moldavite

For practical purpose, sometimes I use Moldavite to clear blockages and it often works. This explains why some people feel a warm sensation when they touch the stone because its all-powerful energy helps to cleanse away negativities and loosen energy blockages.  Once in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I used the ring which helped me to bring down the healing light on a lady, who is herself a Chinese physician and Qigong practitioner (Master level). From a distance of about 50 feet, I held the ring in my right hand and visualised the energy of moldavite enhanced by the diamonds cascading upon her, clearing and activating all her chakras – from Crown downwards until it reaches the feet – and she gave me the feedback that she could actually feel all her “meridian points and channels” being opened up. I recommended the stone to some of my friends who complained of harassment from negative entities. And, they gave me feedback subsequently that the stone worked. Once I slept with the stones at the foot of my leg and it helped me draw the energies of the distant stars into my body. It initiated me to meditate on the stars and tap their energies.

Other Healing Properties of Moldavite

Believers claim that moldavite has several physical healing properties.

  1. It acts as a catalyst in detecting and healing any kind of diseases.
  2. Its warm green color makes it effective in the treatment of ailments related to eyes.
  3. It has rejuvenation qualities and slows down the aging process.
  4. The vibrational energy of moldavite causes changes in the affected areas and encourages the cells to be replenished to its original state.
  5. It is also beneficial for people who fighting a battle against infertility.
  6. It is said to be highly effective for treating hair loss.
  7. It helps in overcoming problems like allergies, rashes, flu, fever, anemia, etc.
  8. It is especially beneficial for the brain as it aids memory retention, balances electrical impulses, and even protects against mental degeneration.
  9. It is also beneficial in the treatment of gout.
  10. It also assists in the treatment of diseases which affect the respiratory tract.

Fake Moldavites

Beware – there are abundant instances of fake moldavites circulating in the market.   A few pointers to sort out the replicas from the genuine species are as follows:

  1. The fake normally comes with a glossy and shining appearance and the spiky or cratered features on the stones are too symmetrically arranged.
  2. Fake moldavites, molded from glass,  appear lighter when held in our hands,
  3. Real moldavites appear to have that alluring translucent out-of-this-world green when looked against fluorescent lights,  but the fake one just simply looks like the green 7-up bottles type of artificial green.  It has been rumored that the fake mostly originated from China are made from empty Tsingtao beer bottles.
  4. If you can feel its vibration,  the real stone has overpowering energy,  and sometimes warm to touch,  even under air-condition.

Other Meteorites

There are other meteorites which I have used with good results – those black and brown tektite from Thailand though I have a few rare pieces from Tibet. I sleep with Tektite pieces under my pillow. I remember the first time when I encountered them I saw flashes of brilliant lights in my bedroom. Another meteorite stone I use is the nickel-iron species. I have the metallic stone in a Star of David formation, and in shapes of the Tibetan Vajra and Phuba artifacts. They are the very powerful protector, and one in the shape of the Vajra is kept at the car boot to protect the rear of my car while I have another black tektite craved in the image of the Earth Store Bodhisattva hanging from my rearview mirror.


By Anthony Leong

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