Methods of Meditating with Stones

(1)  Hold in your left hand with the stone in your closed fist and put your right hand on your right thigh. (If the stone is small enough to fit your palm).

(2)  Place the bigger piece on your right open palm in a cup shape facing upward.  Your right palm should be below your left palm,  supporting it,   (Similar to a Buddhist mudra commonly seen in Buddha statues) and both resting on your thighs.

(3)  Hold one in your receiving left hand and one in your projecting right hand.  This is recommended for quartz termination, where the pointed end should be held towards your body in your left hand while the other piece in your right hand should have the pointed end away from your body.  Best to use two double terminations of pointed end quartz.    Other stones to be used with both hands including an indigenous American stone – Boji Stones (with yang male and yin female qualities) –  and Lodestone ( Magnetite with polarity property);  they normally come in a pair.

(4)  Put them under your pillow and sleep meditate with them.  Ancient Chinese annals even mentioned about pugilists sleeping on a bed made of jade.

(5)  If you are fortunate to have a gigantic size stone you can sit near it to meditate,  a radius of a meter would be just right.   With some bigger stones,  you can try sitting on them,  for example, those fossilized wood fashioned into stool or chairs.

(6)  I also have mentioned in my previous post on Raising Your Personal Vibrations With Stones the use of a pair of Elestial quartz placed near your legs when you meditate to cleanse your body.  You can similarly place other stones like smoky quartz, black tourmaline,  snowflakes or black obsidians – black stones are generally good cleansing agents.


Anthony Leong

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