Meditation On The Earth Chakra

“Earth Star chakra – this is the chakra which  I use to draw earth energy into my body.  To connect to this chakra, you visualize a perpendicular straight line extending deep down to the center of the earth below your feet. The focal point is a red brilliant star in the sea of total darkness. I could draw earth energy in this manner, and they raise, enter my body and activate my major 7 chakras from the base chakra upward until the crown.

To practice the Earth Star Chakra Meditation,  one must have already acquired the ability to feel and managed energy and positively locate the 7 chakras – Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,  Third Eye and Crown chakras.  There are other posts in this blog that prepare and train those required skills.

The beginning of the exercise requires one to concentrate and center oneself.  Put your attention on your sole sub-chakra (Yong Quan 涌泉 acupuncture points)  below your two feet and feel the contact with earth surface.


Sole Sub Chakra or YongQuan acupuncture point

 Let your mind focus downwards and traverse into the core of the earth beneath your feet until you feel you have reached the core of the earth.  If you stand on any location you should be able to visualize reaching the center of earth perpendicularly.  After you are confident you have projected your mind into the earth center,  you begin to visualize that the core is in complete darkness with a brilliant red fiery star right in the middle.  Hold your attention on this red earth star until you feel it resonate you through your feet.

As you continue to focus on the red earth star,  you would soon notice a warm and soothing energy rising upwards into your body from beneath your feet.  The earth energy would soon fill up both your legs, giving you a bloating warm sensation, before it begins to settle into your Base Chakra.  You would soon notice that the earth energy would soon fill up your Base Chakra and continue its upward surge and charging up your Sacral Chakra,  the Solar Plexus,  the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.  This meditation requires you to be able to hold your concentration on the upward movements of the subtle earth star energy.

After the earth star energy has completed its ascension and nourished the crown chakra,  try to repeat the exercise right from the beginning.  If you have done it right,  this round you could fill the earth star energy ascending to all your chakras almost instantaneously. You would feel fully charged up and energized after performing this meditation which should take about 15 minutes to half an hour.   A stone that helps to connect to the earth star chakra is aragonite.

When you are competent in doing this meditation,  you would acquire the psychic ability to invoke the earth energy to perform healing almost instantaneously,  to protect yourself and contest certain low negativity.  In my Energy Consulting sessions with my clients,  I also invoke the earth chakra to infuse earth prana into my clients’ energy field.   I would visually connect my thoughts downward to connect the earth star chakra and will a column of rose pink energy to ascend and transfer to my clients’ energy body through the feet,  Base Chakra,  Sacral Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart chakra.   I picked up this method from some Taoist Qigong classics which recommend the charge up and restoring vitality to a person’s energy system.

On the other hand,  most Taoist monks and shamans untrained in this method may need to use elaborate chanting and talismans to summon their earth entity.

Another method to train your connection to the Earth Chakra is the Walking Meditation – (


Anthony Leong

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