Frequency of God

This is one meditation I have been using to feel my energy fields and their corresponding chakras. This exercise can be done in the standing or sleeping positions.  My word of caution – this method seems unbelievable and far-fetched to those unfamiliar with the metaphysics and the non-physical dimensions of energy work.

To begin, you have to reach the level where you are definitely aware of your seven basic chakras- knowing their precise locations in your body and actually feeling them in your mind.  You have to be familiar with the different layers of interlacing energy fields and how they are connected to the basic chakras.  The seven energy fields,  also known as subtle energy bodies,  each with different and interlacing vibration frequency and their corresponding chakras are:

  1. Etheric Energy Field connected to the Base Chakra. Described as a blue-grayish luminous glow, it could be seen as an aura about half an inch from our physical body.
  2. Emotional Energy Field connected to the Sacral Chakra.
  3. Mental Energy Field connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Astral Energy Field connected to the Heart Chakra.
  5. Etheric Template Chakra connected to our Throat Chakra.
  6. Celestial Energy Field connected to our Third Eye Chakra.
  7. Ketheric Energy Field connected to our Crown Chakra.

The meditation begins with feeling for the Etheric Energy Field, concentrating on its vibration and sensing its connection with the Base Chakra.   The method I have been using involves estimating the distance of the targeted energy field from our physical body and imagine folding it inward until it resonates the corresponding chakra.   Once I positively pick up the connection I mentally will the Etheric Energy Field along with my Base Chakra and churn it anti-clockwise nine times from the front to the back of my body.   In Chinese Qigong teaching, the Base Chakra is a Yang Chakra and is anti-clockwise in direction.


Next, I proceed to the Emotional Energy Field, feel its presence and mentally pull it inwards until it resonates my Sacral Chakra.   This sensing of the Energy Field, compressing it until it vibrates the chakra is accomplished almost instantaneously.  I rotate the Energy Field along with the Sacral Chakra nine times clockwise from back to the front of my body.  Sacral Chakra is considered as Ying in nature.

I progress to the Mental Energy Field and the Solar Plexus Chakra and spin it anti-clockwise nine times.

We repeat the same procedure with the Astral Energy Field along with the Heart Chakra, and it’s Clockwise nine times.

Then,   I progress to  Etheric Template along with its Throat Chakra and encircle nine times counterclockwise,  the Celestial Energy Field and the Third Eye Chakra nine times Clockwise and finally the Ketheric Energy Field and the Crown Chakra nine times anti-clockwise.

You can repeat the exercise downwards from the Ketheric Energy Field to the Etheric Energy Field.

After you are very familiar with this exercise, you can progress to try out your ability to feel the other out-of-body chakras –  the Soul Star Chakra,  about one foot above your head,   and the Stellar Gate Chakra,  which I visualize as a brilliant golden star into the infinity of the dark universe.   It is my hypothesis that if you succeed in ascending to the level of the Stellar Gate, you are vibrating with the frequency of God, or Buddha.

The ability to invoke or tap into the higher Energy Fields would not only help cleanse your body and but also protect you from auric attacks of negative energy forces.

You can try dwelling into the earth core chakra – a brilliant red fiery star in the center of the earth.  To access this chakra,  you may cast your feeling downwards perpendicularly and reach for the core of the earth.   This is one exercise which I practice to invoke the earth energy and will it to replenish all the chakras in our body.

In my energy consulting work,  I help cleanse and charge up my clients’ energy system by accessing their energy fields and connecting them to their chakra.  In this manner,  the cleansing and empowering are more exhaustive and effective over the longer duration,  and it is not like most other practitioners who often rely on wishy-washy claims that they have invoked the divine blessing of their Gods or Deities.  Though,  I do not doubt that there are spiritual masters who could positively connect to the divine beings for blessings and protections.

Reference:   Advanced Techniques In Energy Applicaton:

Footnote:  I will next speak about the seven planes of existence and co-relate them to Meditating To Access our Energy Fields and Advanced Techniques In Energy Application –  (

Anthony Leong

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