Lucid Dreaming Involving Physical Interaction

lucid nightmare

I have my fair share of lucid dreaming.  Normally,  in those dreams,  there is  no direct physical involvement.  This conforms to the definition of lucid dreaming as one aspect of astral travelling,  and does not involve physical participation in that dimension that space and time become irrelevant.

But,  recently,  there were actual involvement of  my physical body in those lucid dreams.  Since moving to  a new house last year, I have been thrown out of bed and landed hard on the floor thrice during those  dreams.

Each time there was some kind of fight in my dream,  and the setting was in my bedroom,  while I was alseep on my bed.   First time,  I heard  noisy evil forces outside my bedroom door.   I woke up from my bed and tried kicking the door to show my displeasure. Then I was rudely awakened and found myself landed hard on the floor.

Second and third time I encountered  evil-looking personalities with grotesque appearance who kept  on taunting me.  When I responded by  giving them “Karate”  kicks I was flung  off my bed physically and ended up sprawling on the hard floor.

However,  it was fortunate  that those three occasions when I fell off my bed,  I did not suffer serious injuries.  I suppose it is owing to my level of spiritual practice that somewhat proffer me with protection from my spiritual guides.

I do not consider these three nightmarish experience as sleep walking.

By Anthony Leong

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