Lucid Dreaming – Notre Dame Cathedral in Vietnam

Vietname Dotre Dame

Previously,  I wrote about my lucid dream of a tall statue of Bodhisattva Guan Yin,  or Goddess of Mercy – ( 

There was yet another dream where I was transposed to an ancient looking cathedral, the location of which was unknown to me.  In the dream,  I was walking along a foot-path next to the dull red colour bricked walls of the holy site,  and I encountered some men carrying a casket coming towards me.  I recall I was trying to avoid colliding into them.

About a few months after this lucid dream,  I went on a tour with my family to Vietnam and saw the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Ming City.  It was the same Cathedral that I first saw in my dream.  Until now,  I still do not understand the image of the men carrying the casket nearly colliding into me in this dream.   I suppose in most of the dream interpretation,  this could signal some kind of rebirth,  or a significant change in my life.    This is one instance of the synchronicity at play when we dream of something and it subsequently materialises in our real life.  It is as if I had astral travelled in my dream.


By Anthony Leong

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