Love Your House

My FaceBook friend Tammy S South-Price writes: – Our homes not only reflect our own energies but those of the former inhabitants. I’ve been aware of this for many years, but more keenly so after a September 2011 house fire. I picked up the sadness of spirits, as they were confused by the state of things. Not many people would think to do this… but I invited them to attach themselves to my own spirit, to go with me as I personally went through the process of demolishing the old and setting up anew. I gave them permission to go with me if they desired. I opened myself to embrace them as it were and i did feel a peace about my decision to do so. I no longer felt their confusion, but I felt that they were comforted and that in turn comforted me.”

I agree with her that we must love our house as if it has a life of its own. For certainty, it provides us with a safe sanctuary. keeps us warm and protects our privacy. So we must keep our house clean, neat, and tidy for it to continue to exude positive energy. In Chinese Fengshui classics, a house with heaps of rubbish and unwanted items strewn all over in disarray has heavy negative energy that is likely to attract not only misfortune, ill health but also a negative spirit

Yes, the house also retains the memory of its previous occupants. Many years ago, my secretary asked me to feel out the energy of a rosary which she bought second-hand from her Church auction sales. After having the rosary, she complained that there were constant feuds within her extended family occupying the same house. I checked the rosary and detected the presence of negative energy lodged in it. I explained to her that the previous owner of the rosary was suffering from family squabbles and the negative energy got imprinted in the artifact. The few days of exposure to the positive vibration in the church during the auction did not manage to have the unsavory energy vibration of the rosary. When it was introduced into my secretary’s home, the negative vibes of the rosary resonated with its new surrounding and permeated the air therein with hostility sparking off family quarrels and misunderstanding. I cleansed the rosary but my secretary refused to keep it and eventually disposed of it. Later, I checked with her again and learned that the situation in her family had become more harmonious.

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