Just as human beings have chakras, the countries and their landmass also exhibit energy vibration that resonates with human chakras.
I normally try to scan the foreign locations during my flight while the plane hovers over the landscape below. I also try to assess the energy vibration remotely by watching videos or photographs but the response seems weaker compared to my physical presence there.

I was in Finland and Norway recently and felt that both countries resonate with my Brow or Third Eye Chakra.  My conjecture is the Scandinavian people are likely to highly intuitive and creative.


In China, I had the same sensing that the place especially in Tibet vibrated my upper chakra between my Third Eye and Crown.  Tibet has all along been a seat of high spirituality,  and it is no surprise collectively it exudes the traits that concentrate on the Third Eye and Crown chakras.  As a country,   my sensing o China shows me that the prominent vibration seems to be between the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is interpreted as Chinese throughout its history of 5000 years have been compassionate people though they have room to accommodate the mental energy of the solar plexus chakra to develop the country and strives towards excellence in science,  engineering, and economics while retaining its culture of creativity in arts and spirituality.


I traced back my memory bank to the time I was in America and remember it stirred my Solar Plexus, likely to indicate that it is operating predominantly at the Mental Plane, (My own country Singapore too has vibrations close to the Solar Plexus Chakra).  Especially,  in the USA,  it has been generally described as a country with people that the mind rules over the heart,  meaning the mental components take precedence.  And,  that is one end result that the country produces individuals who won Nobel prizes,  top NASA scientists, and computer engineers.


There were some countries I had been to that had their vibrations stuck at the lower sacral and base chakra, Indonesia is one of them. Now, I am not sure whether it is the geographical differences or the people and their culture (or a combination of both at varying proportions) that causes the variation in the energy vibration.  These are unfortunately backward countries and collectively the primeval energy vibration still lingers on.

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