Lessons Learnt From Watching Police Ghost Movies

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Recently, I watched a Hong Kong movie that depicts a police detective who could see ghosts and solve crime cases with this metaphysical ability.  What has actually portrayed in the movie is that the main character is able to see those spirits in other people that represent their negative emotions.

There is this character, a rogue police officer, who murders his colleague and makes it look as if that his buddy had mysteriously disappeared in the woods while chasing after a robber.   In the eyes of the main character, he could see that the culprit has seven spirits – each with a different human form – hovering around him.  For example, he has a spirit of a rotund and middle-aged man who is always greedy for food but is a coward, and another a pretty lady who wears fashionable clothing and appears to be the one with the brain to do the planning, And, another a ferocious guy who does not have the compunction to kill.

I mentioned that: “In the eyes of the main character, he could see that the culprit has seven spirits “….   These seven spirits could be referred to as part of the Three Souls And Seven Spirits under Taoist traditional interpretation of our non-physical body which is generally referred to as the soul. ” Seven Spirits refer to the emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, fear, love, evil,  desire for surviving in the material,” (  三魂七魄 The 3 Souls And & 7 Spirits In Chinese Taoist Tradition)…..  So in the eyes of the psychic, he could see the personification of the seven spirits in a person as if each is represented by a spirit, and these internal ghosts take turn to dominate over the owner’s physical body and inspire him to act out the emotions accordingly.

All these appear to me as what the western psychologists have described as persons having split personalities, but I suspect there is more than meets the eye.  So, at any one time, these so-called seven spirits take over and guide the person in his actions and behavior.  So, every one aspect of negative emotional traits, even positive ones, is personified in human form, or what we term as ghosts, and these could be seen by someone with the developed Third Eye.”

I also watched another Hong Kong horror movie: :#Rule No. 1″  describing the spooky encounters of two police officers who had to deal with a vengeful spirit that possessed one body after another,   mind-controlling them into either committing suicide or killing someone.   The two police officers belonged to a bizarre police unit: “Miscellaneous Unit” and they were supposed to handle complaints from the public about supernatural ghostly encounters.  Rule No 1# dictated that “There is no ghost in this world” and their mission is to investigate unnatural incidents and try to cover them up to prevent them from being publicized.

Similarly, I suppose police in every part of their world have their fair share of encounters with the supernatural but more often than not they have to downplay such incidents, and never leak them out to the public for the fear of being criticized as playing up superstition, or causing undue public alarm, the consequence for which they would be ultimately held responsible.

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  1. Wonder how energies mentioned here compare to other accounts of past lives influencing the current incarnation.

    1. Cannot get what you are trying to say. As far as I am concerned, energies are all the same – vibration frequencies. Supposedly, some either positive or negative energies were pre-dominant in the past lives, and if you subscribe to the reincarnation theory, the overpowering energies of the past lives would be carried on in the present incarnation, and influence 1. the fate and destiny, and the character and 2. personality of the person to a certain extent. People put it in simplistic terms of karma – relating to the cause and effect.

      1. OK, a little potted personal history since my Chiron return. Spent time in the Scottish Borders a decade or so ago, started training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (before the Witchcraft act was repealed there were only local healing groups). Events led to a visit to the haunted Buckholm Tower near Galashiels, and when I recounted what I experienced there a few years later, I was advised to look up the Spirit Release Foundation (now disbanded though the Spirit Release Forum continued in like vein). At the SRF, the late Tony Neate suggested I attend a Chaneling weekend in Malvern. Through that, I made contact with another group which I am still involved with. I have witnessed what appears to be communication with past lives who are then encouraged to go into the heart and then appear to realise that it is time to release their energetic connection with the current incarnation.

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