Feel Natural Stones With Your Chakras

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1.   This exercise should only be attempted after you have learned how to feel and be aware of energy and how to sense the vibration of quartz and stones with your hands.

(Basic Exercises In Managing Psychic Energy

(How To Feel Vibrations Of Quartz)

2.   It would be better if you have worked on the chakra meditation using the mantra Om Ah Hum and Om Mani Padme  Hum,  and learned the locations of the various chakra and how to feel them.  (Using Mantra To Activate Chakra)

Colour chakras

3.   For this exercise you would require to collect the seven chakra stones  – Beginning with Red for Base Chakra (Red Agate or Garnet),  Orange for Sacral (Orange Calcite or Carnelian), Yellow for the Solar Plexus (Citrine or Yellow Jasper),  Green for the Heart Chakra (Aventurine, Moss Agate),  Blue for the Throat Chakra (Sodalite, Turquoise ) Purple for Third Eye Chakra ( Amethyst or Sugilite) and finally White for Crown Chakra (White Quartz).  You may also substitute red with black colour stones (obsidian, hematite, or smoky quartz) since they resonate with the Base Chakra.

4.   You begin with some centering exercise closing your eyes and breathe in three sets of In,  hold,  and out each with a count of three.  Or,  you may just close your eyes and relax.  The keyword is to relax and free your mind from all distractions.

5.   To commence the exercise,  pick up the red chakra stone (Red Agate)  and hold it with your left hand.  Close your eyes again and try to feel the vibration of the stone and sense where the pulsation is more prominent.  If you are doing it right,  you should feel your Base Chakra being stirred.  Hold the attention there until you are certain that the stone resonates the Base Chakra.


6.   You proceed to feel the other stones – orange color (orange calcite)  affecting your Sacral,  yellow  (golden calcite) your Solar Plexus,  Green (Aventurine)  your Heart Chakra, Blue ( Turquoise)  you Throat,  Purple  (Amethyst) your Third Eye and finally  White (Quartz)  your Crown Chakra.  If at any point you are not sure,  go back and start over all again until you get them right positively.

7.   After you have mastered using your hands to feel the chakra stones,  next you graduate to a higher level of sense without physically touching the stones.  You place the 7 color chakra stones about four feet away from you and start to look at them using your Third Eye Chakra.  Or,  even if you are not confident of deploying your Third Eye,  just try looking at them with your two naked eyes.  After capturing the image of the colour chakra stone,  starting with the red stone,  close your eyes and start to feel for the rise of sensations in your body, and take note of where they come from.  With some practice,  you will be able to pick up the vibration affecting your Base Chakra, simply by looking at the red colour stone.  And,  you follow through the exercise by trying out the next stones in ascending order.

8.   Soon when you are very competent in sensing the different colour stones,  you may develop your skill in picking out the genuine stones from the fake,  the replicated and the artificially treated substitutes.   For example,  you will be able to differentiate between a genuine citrine and heat-treated amethyst replica,   if the stone emits a vibration that affects your Third Eye instead of the Solar Plexus.  Similarly,  if your supposedly turquoise radiates your crown or nearer the region of your third eye,  instead of the blue soothing vibration of the Throat Chakra,  the stone could be a white colour Howlite stained with blue paint.  Or,  if your smoky quartz does not vibrate your Base Chakra but shakes your Crown Chakra instead,  it is likely white quartz artificially radiated to turn it to dark color.

9.   There is one very unique stone,  Diopside, that could mimic the other stones.  I have fun playing with it by mentally instructing the diopside to become an amethyst and feel the vibration of purple arising from the stone.

10.  Practiced even at a higher level,  you would acquire the psychic ability to pick up the vibrations of the stones from photographs or simply visualizing them in your mind.

11.  My experience tells me that artificial stones made of glass or other synthetic material often carry with them heavy and dense vibration,  causing pain or discomfort on my Third Eye Chakra.   I have become aware that the Third Eye is the gateway to receiving vibrations before they are distributed to their destinations – where the original vibration of the object should be allocated to and belonging to.   So when your third eye decodes the object which has no authentic vibration,  the sensation just remains there and builds up a dense and painful reaction.   The only difference is when these objects have been consecrated,  empowered or magnetized by highly attained individuals,  they are stronger and having smoother vibrations that could not only reach the Third Eye but also zoom in on the Crown Chakra.   And those objects that are tainted with black magic or negative vibration are likely to be dense and with low vibration causing the stomach to churn and emit prickly negative radiation. They may literally bite your fingertips or toes.

12.  I have on occasions strayed into areas of immense negative energy and have the feeling that my whole body becomes a block of concrete cement as if they are forcibly closing down all my chakras.   The heavy and dense sensations would unmistakably build up in my Third Eye Chakra causing a painful and blocked sensation before they manifest into other areas of our energy body  –  such as nauseating pain in the solar plexus, numbness of the hands and legs,  and the painful prickling sensations on our toes and fingers.

For reference,  this link provides good insight into the colours of the 7 major chakras.(https://www.enlightened-consciousness.com/chakra-colours-and-your-path-to-health-and-enlightenment/)



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