Identifying a Bogus Spiritual Master


I am thankful that I have been bestowed with the good fortune and gifted with the ability to connect – in reading and deciphering the energy dimension.

This skill set has originated from my understanding and training of the ability to decode the subtle energy fields connecting to our chakra system.

I also put the same skill to practical use in identifying individuals with high spiritual attainment.  One observation I have gathered is that highly evolved saint-like personalities have one feature in common.  When I tap into their energy not only I could feel the unusually strong and uplifted vibration frequency but also they have highly developed pineal gland and the pituitary glands.  Especially, when I scan, from photographs, their pituitary gland at the rear of their head, I could experience a sacred spot with almost silky smoothness and highly refine vibration.  It is as if the region where the pituitary gland is residing has become a void.    Most laypersons would have a dense and blocked sensation there when I feel them out.   Without naming those prominent personalities, that enjoy immense followings more often than not arising from the media hype,  I have been able to gauge with a high degree of certainty if they are bona fide spiritual masters or otherwise.  Energy does not lie.

Here,  I wish to relate my unpleasant encounter with a Swami from India who visited Singapore a few years back. The moment I saw him I did not like his energy.   The highly acclaimed Master with a huge following was supposed to perform a fire Puja.   Seated comfortably on a huge chair,  as he had a walking disability,  he appeared impatient and abruptly discontinued a ritual where people took turns to walk around the fire to receive his blessings.  His committee gave the excuse that he was tired and needed to rest.  Next,  I chanced upon him in another secluded corner in the same building,  giving blessings to the selected audience,  presumably those who were willing to fork out some generous donations.

Looking at photographs of personalities, I have acquired a high degree of accuracy in reading whether a person is dead or alive.   Of most significance is my feeling of void and sometimes numbness and pain, when I look at deceased persons from their photographs.

I am speaking my mind of how I am able to feel out the energy dimensions,  and draw observation that sounds incredible and unscientific.  People are at liberty to disbelieve or scoff at me.


By Anthony Leong

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