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In my previous post, I wrote about how to differentiate between a genuine citrine and a heat treated fake. In this post, I am going to write about how to tell the difference between a genuine turquoise and a dyed substitute.

Turquoise is a greenish blue stone that is linked to our Throat Chakra; it helps to improve our communication and proffer us protection from dangers and accidents. Howlite is a white stone that we often use to help overcome insomnia, and beneficial to our bone structure.

Since genuine turquoise command a premium price tag, there are many unscrupulous traders who substitute it with cheaper priced Howlite dyed in blue colour and market them as real turquoise. In fact, there are many turquoises in the market that are the fake replica.

My method of identifying a real turquoise from a fake one is to look at either the stone physically or through photographs. When you look at the white coloured howlite and you would feel that it exerts a pressure on your Crown Chakra. Whereas if you look at a genuine turquoise, you would feel that it stirs your Throat Chakra. So, if the stone is a dyed substitute, you would unmistakeably notice that it vibrates your Crown and Third Eye region, while the real one would activate your Throat Chakra. If you are unable to feel the vibration by sight, you may use your feeling left hand to try sense to the difference.

Besides sending the stone to a gemologist to ascertain, the other more crude way is to break one of the questionable stone and find out if the inner part of the stone is white in colour.

By Anthony Leong

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