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If we are convinced that quartz and mineral stones bring about health, protective and luck benefits, it is useful  to know that there are many ways of wearing them as accessory.

Pendants, necklaces, chains:

Most common to wear is to have  them around our neck.  It can be a stone pendant strung across our neck with a necklace or a long chain.  The necklace or chain can come  in the form of a choker about 16 inches.  This is good for those who wish to enhance their Throat Chakra, and blue stones like Turquoise, Lapis, Blue Sapphire, or Aquamarine are preferred.  These stones besides alleviating throat related ailments also help facilitate communication.    Amethyst and white quartz will also do for the purpose of enhancing our energy vibration.. 

You can also have the chain on your sternum to benefit your Heart Chakra,  and recommended stones are Aventurine,  Green Jade, Moss Agate or Chrysoprase for heart health and work success purpose.  Rose quartz will not only helps soothe your heart, brings but also bring about compassion , improve complexion and slow down aging.    

A chain that extends beyond your sternum is closer to your Solar Plexus Chakra,  and here yellow stones are preferred.  They are Citrine, Yellow Topaz,  Yellow Calcite or Yellow Jade, or even Tiger Eye.  These stones bring about mental courage and clarity and analytical power, and helps to relieve digestive related sickness of the stomach region.  Citrine and Tiger Eye also attract windfall.

Bracelets and Rings

Bracelets and Rings are also commonly worn as stone accessory.  Referring to bracelets, they can either be worn on the left or right wrist.  Left is for receiving and right for projecting.  So, if you desire to attract the useful vibration frequency of stones, you wear them on your left wrist.  If you need to project the energy of stones outward you put it on your right.  I used to tell people to put their luck stone bracelet on their right wrist when they go gambling.  On a more profound level, if you dabble in psychic projection  of energy for protection and healing purposes, your ability would be enhanced  with the stones on your right projecting hand. Wearing rings merit different consideration as in Hindu system of astrology, every finger represents a planet that is each aligned  a different colour stone.  But the safer bet is to wear your stone ring on the ring finger, if ever you are in doubt. 

Waist belts and chains.

Some people wear belts made of stones.  I have come across a lady who wore  an expensive Sugilite belt around her waist.  Sugilite is said to be a stone that helps cure Cancer.  I have ever recommended using the inexpensive Black Obsidian to fashion into belts not only for protection against negative energy but to help against Kidney and Prostrate related ailments.  You can wear stone belt with specific stones to help improve the function of your Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakra. 

For those who do not feel comfortable wearing stone belts, they could make short stone chains that can be hung from their waist. You can even attach a pendant to the chain.

For those who do not like to wear any accessory, I recommend them to carry their favourite stones in pouch which they may  keep in their trouser pockets.  The energy vibration of the stones still works for whatever purpose the wearer so desires.


Wearing stone anklets are considered as uncommon.  But, in traditional Chinese families, gold or silver anklets are given to babies to wear.    I ever recommended a scared rabbit lady who complained about seeing ghosts to wear anklets.  The anklets preferable with obsidian or black tourmaline beads help buttress the person’s energy and make him or her more grounded.  This would help her to minimise her over active Third Eye Chakra that makes her overly sensitive to access the out-of-the-world phenomenon.  And, as far as I understand, most negative entities are earthbound and prone to attack an unknowing person from the legs, especially their toes.  I have often encountered this auric penetration at my toes, and it would take me much effort to get rid of the unwanted energy.

Afternote: The wearing of face mask has become commonplace as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.

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Personally, I would prefer the black stones – either black tourmaline or obsidian to be used in conjunction with the face masks more for their protection property. Other choices include the all rounder white quartz, smoky quartz or amethyst.

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