How To Programme A Quartz Or Stone

In this post, I am going to talk about the programming of quartz and stones.  This would provide a basic understanding to help unravel the mystery behind how those spiritual masters perform the blessing of consecration of objects like pendants or talismans.   I have also tried to introduce a simplified method of blessing or consecrating talisman or pendants or any other physical objects.  Here again, it is our all-powerful thoughts and our ability to command and control energy that make it possible to undertake these metaphysical rituals.


To recapitulate,  in my previously   well received write-up,  “How To feel Vibrations of Quartz “(, I also touch on the programming of stones which involves the discerning of the vibrations of emotion. In those training exercises, I told my students to hold each stone, one at a time, and try to project their thoughts into it. They were told to project a thought of a past happy event, and another a sad incident. When they picked up these stones again to feel their vibrations, they noticed that there was indeed a marked difference between the two.  For the stone magnetised with our thoughts on those happy memories, it is faster, lighter, livelier and more pleasant to touch whereas the one which encapsulates the unpleasant past has those heavier, slower and unpleasant vibrations. Some students were moved to tears when they touch the unhappy stone.


I have designed a systematic exercise at blessing or consecrating an object, adapted from the Tibetan Buddhism method.  The Chinese call this 开光 – Kai Guang,  meaning Empowering with the Light.    When you begin to enact the blessing rituals, you hold the item in your right projecting hands.   Next, you chant your favourite mantras nine times (in sets of three).  After reciting the mantra, you form an intention in your mind to offer the blessings.  I remember the Tibetan method teaches the mental visualisation of your intended blessings in pictorial sequences of nine frames.


But, personally, I have substituted these procedures with repeating a set of three invocations.  Example:  in invoking blessings from Mother Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin, with the 6 Syllabus Mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum, I articulate the prayers: “Thanking Mother Guan Yin for your blessings of (1)  Peace, (2)  Protection and (3) Prosperity” and repeat it nine times.  (For the simplified version, I reduce the steps from nine to three).  Or,  you can design for yourself  the three  “H” –  (1) Health (Good Health),  (2) Happiness (3) Harmony.


The Tibetan method also mentions about the use of mudras, and I adapt it with my left receiving hand forming the religious gesture.  After vocalizing the intention to bless the items, I conclude the process by flicking my fingers of my left palm nine times, (involving my thumb and either the index or middle fingers) over the item held in my right hand.


As a feedback to the effectiveness of the blessing process, I sense for a change in the vibration of the item still held in my right hand.  The normal sensation for a successful blessing is that the energy vibration would be greatly enhanced and it is felt as a strong pulsation on the muscle of your right arm. Alternatively, we could look at it and use the Third Eye Chakra to sense for the improvements in vibration frequency.


It is my estimation that at my level, the blessing should remain in force for six months to a year.  It is subject to the condition that the person using the blessed item would not garner too excessive negative energy when he goes about leading his life.  Maintaining wholesome and positive lifestyles should also help in prolonging the effect of the blessing.  I suppose other higher spiritual masters could enable the consecration to last for a longer period.



By Anthony Leong


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