How To Feel Vibrations of Quatz – Part II. (Reprint)

How To Feel Vibrations of Quatz – Part II.






My all-time favoritism post,  “How To Feel Vibrations of Quartz” has continued to amass tremendous responses.  As a sequel to the topic: How To Feel Vibrations of Quartz, I reiterate some other reactions one would get when they first hold the stones.

(1) Temperature – Is the stone warm or cool to touch? (Be aware whether the stones have been kept under air-con condition or has subject to high heat especially kept in the car under the hot sun.)   In terms of Yin And Yang explanation,  the positive Yang stones like tiger-eye, jasper, citrine, have warm energy.  On the other hand,  negative Yin stones like moonstone, kyanite, most types of quartz (except amethyst and citrine) have yin cooling energy.  Especially, jade and natural white quartz have cold temperatures and normally that would be the introductory level to attest to the authenticity of the stones.

(2) Low Dense or High vibrant energy. Those in the lower colour band in the rainbow colour combination have a lower vibration rate (Red, brown and black stones) while those in the higher colour range has higher vibrancy. Some stones have particularly high vibrations like the Herkimer diamond and white quartz.  Granite has lower vibrations and so are jasper, brown or red agate. When you learn to programme the stones, you would notice that melancholic memories stored in stones have lower dense vibrations while happy events have lively and uplifted quick-paced vibrations.

(3) Slow or Fast vibration rate – (Relating to (2) above)

(4) Regular or Irregular rate of vibration (rhythm) – some have rhythmic beats and some have continuous vibration rate. Stones that have other foreign vibrations superimposed on their original vibration frequency has more irregular pulsations.

(5) Presence of needle pricking sensations (sometimes causing pain to your hands and fingers). Beware that such stones have been handled by negative people or those who are sick, or there might be the presence of negative entities in stones.

(6) Causing nauseating sensations or other bodily pains – some as (5) above.

(7) To some individuals, sometimes they would feel the stones affecting their chakras – most prominent is the stones white quartz which resonate the crown, amethyst affecting the Third Eye, Blue Lace Agate or Bluestones affecting their Throat, Rose quartz and most green stones affecting their Heart Chakra, and etc…… Using this method of feeling, I can tell the difference between a heat-treated citrine transformed by subjecting amethyst to a high temperature as the original Third Eye vibration still could be felt in the artificially transformed citrine (genuine citrine should have solar plexus vibrations).

(8) When you feel other inanimate objects, you might feel that they have energy that seems like heavy blockage, especially felt in the area of the brain behind the Third Eye chakra.   Normally,  those who could not feel on their Third Eye Chakra would at least fail to pick up any signs of vibrations from those objects.  This is one way to discern whether a piece of say crystal ball is made from natural quartz or from glass.

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