How To Attract Windfall Energy

It's raining money
It’s raining money

How to attract luck, fortune, and windfall? – that is the million $ question that people are seeking for an answer.  How does it come upon you and make you win that desirable 4-D and Toto prizes?  Look around and you would notice that some individuals seem to be blessed with good luck. They tend to win regularly at lottery draws or any other games of chance.  On the other hand, others seem to be surrounded with bad luck. Have you been wondering why?

I suppose one of the keys to unraveling this mystery is in  Energy.  Generally, we think Luck or Fortune is influenced by positive energy.  Now, you may ask, what is this positive energy? How to recognize its existence? Does it have a range of vibration frequency that brings you the so-called Good Luck energy?  So, in order to have good luck, people go to seek blessings from Masters, wear good luck charms or talismans or wealth attracting artifacts and stones.


Statue Cai Shen Ye.

Most people, especially the Chinese, will go to get blessings from deities such as Cai Shen Ye, Tua Pek Gong or Wang Cai Shen.  While some people even go to the dark forces to get those windfall blessings – like praying to ghosts and spirits – the Thai origin of  Komantong and Pra-An, or the Five Ghosts in Taoism.  (Personally, I do not advise seeking their favors.  Nothing is for free and you may end up having to repay a “debt”, suffering unsavory repercussions.) 

I personally feel that  good luck energy is likely to be golden yellow in colour and  correspondingly aligned with our  Solar Plexus chakra  (as you know  our body  has 7 major energy centres called Chakras)  Therefore,  you find most of the yellow stones like  Citrine,  Golden Topaz,  Yellow Sapphire,  Yellow Jade,  golden calcite,  Tiger Eye are worn as good  fortune  stones.  Some green stones such as amazonite, aventurine, jade, malachite and peridot are also luck-inducing stones,  though they are more effective in enhancing fortune and wealth relating to business and career Ametrine a hybrid stone composing of amethyst and citrine is also another lucky stone.

DSC_0044 (2)

Citrine Pendant of  Yellow Jambhala/Wang Cai Shen

Sometimes, people would resort to Fengshui wealth enhancing solutions.  Putting a pot of plant or an amethyst geode at this *position would bring good fortune to the owner and its occupants.  *For example – at the far left corner of a house diagonally opposite the main entrance is indicated as the “wealth corner”. 

Have you ever noticed that more often than not those people gifted with good fortune are physically and energetically healthy?  You do not find many sick people who are also lucky.  It is also common that most people who seem to have good luck and good fortune are those who are sufficiently well provided. They are not poor or really hard up of money.  Luck and windfall seem to favor them rather than those desperate guys who need money badly to make ends meet.  Of course, there will always be exceptions.

What I am trying to say is that good luck and fortune is positive energy that can be cultivated.  You must have a healthy body and mind for your body to receive this good energy.  You can go to a Master to cleanse away your negative energy and bless you with positive energy or empower your good luck charms or talismans to induce that wealth energy into you.   But these blessings in person and on the objects you wear are not everlasting.  Like charging of a battery,  they have a definite lifespan.  And,  you can waste them away by having the negative attitude or making yourself prone to negative energy.

Or,  you can learn how to develop your own capability to cultivate positive energy by picking up meditation and practicing Qigong. Maintaining good physical health and wholesome lifestyle is also one good alternative.

Negative energy can come in the form of indulging in unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive womanizing and drinking. Negative energy can also come by having an uncaring and selfish attitude and behavior towards others.   I have come across people who attract and accumulate bad energy by their regular exposure to morbid photographs such as dismembered corpses or grotesque human anatomy which some of them take great pleasure in posting them on social media. Worst of all, cunning and devious people who deliberately cause harm to innocent people are least likely to receive fortune inducing positive energy.

It is widely believed that too much fortune can correspondingly bring other misfortune in terms of health, accidents, and troubled relationship, etc.  So it is believed that if you do have a windfall, you either make some donation to the charity or do some kind deeds for the needy or go on an overseas trip.

Anthony Leong

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