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I refer to a post: The Vibration Of Love Heals Everything – which I featured in this blog through the courtesy of   Cruz Maria Btez.

In my other posts,  I have spoken extensively about the subtle energy fields and their connection to the chakra,  and how we could through methodical meditation training tap and access these subtle energy fields for protection,  cleansing, and healing.

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This vibration of love indicated by Cruz Maria Btez in my own interpretation refers to the Astral subtle energy field that is linked to the all-compassionate Heart Chakra.  She describes it as having the vibration index of 200.  Anything below that score is supposed to be susceptible to negative energy and breeds diseases and sicknesses. That is the reason why most religions emphasize the importance of the Heart Chakra,  the seed of universal love and compassion.

So,  in my understanding,  when you wish to invoke this vibration of love,  you sense out the Astral Energy Field and trace its resonance to the Heart Chakra,  and maintain your attention there.  So,  if you are doing healing,  you could direct this vibration of the Astral Energy Field to your healing hands,  and pull down the column of healing lights.

During my early years of learning meditation,  my Master Mr. Liew who taught me the Om Ah Hum technique also instructed me to “sit on my heart” when meditating.  He meant that I should focus my attention on my Heart Chakra,  approximately located on the sternum of my rib cage.   Another quite similar method is taught by the Pranic Healing School which advocated the “Twin Heart Meditation”.   I suppose by constantly practicing on the Heart Chakra,  we could connect to the associating Astral subtle energy field and tap the vibration of love.

The pink colour is the colour of love and compassion and related to the Heart Chakra.  You could also visualize a dash of pink in your invoking of the Healing energy of the Heart Chakra,  or use pink colour stones like Rose Quartz,  Kunzite or Rhodochrosite to help deploy that energy.   Chanting the mantra Yam (Yang) could also help activate the Heart Chakra to link it the Astral subtle energy field.

For those who could not tap into the astral energy realm that is linked to the Heart Chakra, I recommend one simple method. That involves firstly using your left palm – receiving hand- you place over your sternum representing your Heart Chakra. Give it a thought you are tapping the energy of love emanating from your Heart Chakra. Next, you deploy your right projecting hand to do whatever your healing, and visualise you are drawing the Love energy from your left hand and transfer it to your right hand to facilitate the healing.


By Anthony Leong




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