You can actually conjure a globe of light in your hand, aim at the direction where there is negativity and neutralize the bad energy. If you find it difficult to visualize a globe, you can use one method — put your right hand about five to six inches on top of your left hand and start rotating it clockwise as can. Stop when you sense a heavy build in your left hand that is your energy globe. You can actually after sometime feel the weight of the globe and transfer it from one hand to another.


Try it on your body first where there is energy blockage. Give instructions to globe to cleanse the blockage; you can feel prickly sensations especially around the edge of your nose, you neck or armpits as the globe draws out the negative energy. I call this the Healing Orb; and it can be easily learned and acquired after some practice.

You can say prayers to charge up the globe, cleanse it once it becomes saturated with the unclean energy that it has sucked up, or you can imagine a chord linking from the globe to the earth to siphon off the energy waste. Or, after using the globe, you can flick your hand and imagine the globe being discarded to the ground, and into the earth surface. The earth seems to have the ability to absorb energy waste and transmute them into some other form of useful energy

After some practice, you do not confine the globe to your hands; you can actually conjure it anywhere you like and command it to do your bidding. Like conjuring it in the center of a group of gathering to take away whatever the negative energies.

Oh yes, the energy ball can be used in remote healing. An example: one of my students had too much of energy lodged in his chest and suffered pain one day. His wife made an emergency call to me and I use the energy ball method to siphon off the excess energy from his chest and relieve him of the

Another example: In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my fellowship a Chinese physician or “Sin Seh”, who is also a Chi-Kung exponent, asked me for help to heal a 2-month old baby who seemed to have heavy energy blockage along his neck, so much so his face became blacken. It was considered unwise to project energy to cleanse the baby, because of his tender age. I used the energy ball method and took away the blocked energy and his face returned to its ruddy complexion. I even taught the parents how to conjure the energy ball as I supposed the energy block would recur again. But I also cautioned them that they must take care to siphon off only the blocked energy, and not to drain away too much of the good energy from the baby. The Chinese physician gave her opinion that the root of the problem was in the stomach, of the baby, which manifested into an energy blockade along the Stomach meridian near the neck area of the baby, and she would concentrate her healing effort on this area over the longer term.

To charge up the energy globe, or ball or sphere. to make it more effective. you can chant, make affirmations, say prayers or bring down the white light to strengthen it. Or you can will it to spin anti-clockwise to increase the power of suction.

Recently I have discovered a new method of constructing the energy orb to make it more powerful in drawing away negative energies.

The new trick involves first visualizing a brilliant minute star above your right palm with an aura surrounding it forming the orb. The energy orb so constructed has more force in serving as an etheric vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, you can chant mantras to charge up the orb, visualize a column of white light to descend upon the orb to strengthen and cleanse it or an energy cord linking it to the center of the earth (earth star chakra) to drain off the dense negative energies collected. Remember to flick your hand downwards and dispose the orb into earth when you finish using it.

And one reminder, when you drain off negative energy blockages from your body, there is a vacuum of a hole in your aura and you may need to patch it up using your right hand to project the replacement energy.  Under normal circumstances, energy from other parts of the body would flow in and fill up those portions that have been devoid of energies. (Unless there are some other blockages along other meridian lines too).


Anthony Leong



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