Can Ghosts Travel Across Dimensions?

Ghosts are supernatural but fortunately for us are not super beings – if we agree on a common platform that they are energy bodies minus their physical bodies. 
Ghosts do not have higher vibration frequencies unlike ours; the more spiritual among us can practice and vibrate up to our crown chakra and beyond.  Or,  we can resonate with the different vibrations of our overlapping energy subtle bodies from the etheric,  emotional,  mental,  astral, etheric template,  celestine and ketheric bodies. (the 7 layers of energy bodies widely accepted by those who dabble in metaphysics)  Since they are vibrating at base energy levels,  they are perpetually trapped in those dimensions and cannot ascend.
Drawing from our experiences,  when ghosts are around us most of the more sensitive among us would feel their presence starting from needle pricking sensations felt in our toes, and up to the nauseating feelings in our solar plexus. Some succeed in influencing our heart, (or rather affecting our solar plexus which in turn influence our heart),  causing us chest pains but they do not normally affect our brow chakra and beyond. 
The ability to see them is another subject matter that concerns the development of our third eyes to see auras.  (The more sensitive among us can see them in dull-colored energy orbs, or if they succeeded in influencing our more feeble mind, they could even make us see whatever forms they want us to see them.) Though they are vibrating at lower energy frequency,  some of their energy is still very dense and powerful,  the amplitude of their energy force is enough to wreck damage.   So the weaker energy bodies we have,  the more vulnerable we are to ghostly interventions. 
Those energy orbs which are captured visually on digital photographs have higher vibrations;  when you scan them in these photographs they vibrate strongly our third eyes.  I suppose they are evolved spirits with higher energy configuration than ghosts. 
With this in mind,  I should think that Ghosts can travel through a medium like electrical – telephone or electrical cables and the like because this medium operates at lower frequency range. (LEF).  They could even appear on our home TVs or computer screens, but only at the “localized”  levels. 
But if the internet or TV broadcast are operating on the higher frequency bands,  I do not think ghosts would be able to squeeze their energy bodies into them and traverse the long distance.  The higher vibrational frequency – shorter wavelengths- would neutralize and destroy their lower energy bodies of lower frequency and longer wavelengths.  
As psychic,  some of us have the gift of connectivity – the ability to connect to energy vibrations across the time and space dimensions – the realm where we perform remote viewing and healing.  We can do it because we develop our higher chakras – the third eye, the crown and the soul star chakras.  Ghosts cannot have higher chakras, fortunately,  and they cannot traverse readily across space and time to haunt us.  (Ghosts from the past I suppose are those that linger around in the localized areas even before our incarnations ).  It has been commonly acknowledged that ghosts are very much localized in the environment they are existing,  and cannot traverse to faraway places.  If they succeed in doing it,  they are no longer ghosts but have evolved into some higher beings – for example, guides.
There are my personal views and I stand to be corrected if I am wrong.
By Anthony Leong

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  1. > My personal experience with ghosts attest that they do cause
    > physical reactions. Besides seeing their auric presence, they do
    > interact with our energy systems, causing a variety of physical
    > sensations in our body.
    > If a person is psychic enough, first of all he would feel the
    > of others, especially when he is near people who are sick or
    > suffering from some illnesses. This is what I used to call the
    > process of sympathetic reasonance. When I am near to a person
    > suffering from chest pains, the symptom is mirrored in my physical
    > body, and I do feel it in my own chest. Many would have
    experienced > this and agree with me on this phenonmenon.
    > In similar vein, Ghosts are energy bodies minus their physical
    > bodies which they previously inhabited. So when they are around,
    > their energy bodies tend to reasonate with our energy bodies and as
    > such we feel them. That they are of lower vibration, their
    > presence particularly tend to disturb our lower chakras – starting
    > from our leg chakras , our sacral chakra, our solar plexus
    > chakras. I feel their presence when my legs start to vibrate and

    > experience the pricking sensations on my toes. Sometimes they numb
    > my shoulders or causing needle pricking sensations on my fingers.
    > And, sometimes I feel they affect my solar plexus causing numbness
    > there or the nauseating feelings.
    > Ghosts may cause illnesses when they launch auric attack on
    > unsuspecting individuals who are weak in their energy protective
    > armour. My explanation is that they sip or nibble off the
    energies from these unsuspecting individuals, leaving them weak and
    > susceptible to illnesses

    Funeral parlours and funeral wakes, mortuary are place that are infested with
    ghosts, each with their specific roles to play and their reasons for
    being there. So, when people feel their energy being sapped after
    visiting these places especially at nightfall, and become sick,
    they should beware that they become unsuspecting victims of auric
    attack by those unearthly beings. Ghosts do not attack every one –
    only those who are weak in their energy. Sometimes they are attacted
    to novice meditators who generate good energy but still too weak to
    weave around their body strong defensive energy webs. They should
    either stop visiting such places or protect themselve with white
    lights or wear some high vibrational quartz or talismans.

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