Further Training In Psychic Energy



My posting on Basic Exercise In Managing Psychic Energy (https://psychictavern.com/2006/06/17/basic-exercises-in-managing-pyschic-energy/) has been well received.  Some readers have urged me to write a follow-up article, sort of sequel, on this subject.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, I have rearranged the other posts in my blog which could be regarded as a further reading reference to delve further into the realm of psychic energy.



For those who wish to go further into understanding meditation and its connection with the training of psychic energy, the following posts are highly recommended: –


For those who wish to proceed to a more advanced level in psychic energy, I recommend the following posts: –


There are other articles in my blog that discuss other aspects of psychic energy – such as  Psychic Energy and its Involvement in Healing,  Protection Against Negative Energy, and the Relation between the Chakras and the subtle energy fields,  all of which make good reference material.


The ability to feel and use energy vibration is an innate divine gift which can be activated by us with the proper and consistent training and know-how.



By Anthony Leong

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