Further Note On Practice of Shamanism

Just a few days ago, a former boss who regularly seeks my assistance in cleansing his houses spoke to me about the Shaman method. He read my blog article on Shamanic Practice in Modern Days.

I explained to him two important features in my practice of Shamanic methods –


(1) Ability to connect to energy vibration of the elements

(2) Ability to trigger this connection. The ability to connect to energy vibration entails long term and correct training in meditation.

With the right orientation of our mindset, the meditation helps discipline our thoughts (1) to increase its awareness of the nuances of energy vibration, (2) at a higher level to marshal our thoughts to control the movement of energy, to increase its amplitude and cross dimensional manifestation. (Ref: MEDITATING TO ACCESS OUR ENERGY FIELDS – Psychic Tavern)

Trigger here refers to the deployment of mantra or other rituals to expedite the connection of our thoughts with the energy of the elements. Another term to explain trigger is to invoke the elements. Most of the invocation practiced by Shamans are ostentatious in nature, more to impress upon spectators . They set up altars, burn candles and joss sticks, make offering of fruits, flowers and meat, don traditional ceremonial grab, all to invoke say the energy of earth. As for the adept, they just chant a short triggering mantra, and with the wave of my hands raise the energy of earth to ascend.


Imagine between the two approaches, when the Shaman faces a life threatening situation, he would not have all the luxury of time to set up altars, or wear ceremonial dresses to invoke the elements for help. But, in its basics, triggering is essential to connect between our thoughts and the energy of the elements. The triggering should be instantaneous, and at the most a terse mantra should do the work



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