Fighting Ghosts In Lucid Dreams



In all my previous lucid dreams that I had encounters ghosts and spirits, I deployed mantras and mudras against them.  Normally, the powers of the mantra – Om Mani Padme Hum- and its loud and booming effect would be strong enough to keep them at bay.    This conforms to my belief that the lucid dreams of fighting the unearthly entities provide me with a dry run, sort of mock exercises, to practice my psychic prowess, as in real life we seldom have such opportunities.  And, when we do have such confrontations in real life, it would be a life and death situation with no room for mistakes.   

Dreaming about fighting Ghosts.

And, in most of these dreams, I experienced instances when my ability to chant mantras to fight ghosts were muffled or even muted by the supernatural dark forces.  The dreams would end up in me having the ghosts or spirits with sinister smirk looming menacing towards me.

In my state of awakens, I have given much thoughts about them, and come up with remedial measures:  –

  •  To continue chanting the mantras silently in the heart,
  •  To weave myself in protective energy armor
  •  To activate the etheric pyramid
  •  To draw imaginary talismans
  •  To beam out offensive energy force with my palms or fingers.
  • To deploy protective stones – tektites, black tourmaline, quartz lasers..
  • To earnestly pray to our guardian angels, Buddhas or Bodhisattvas to protect us.

By Anthony Leong

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