Experiment to decode energy of Corona Virus

New postmortem tests reveal COVID-19 began spreading in US in January, mistaken for flu
Corona Virus

I hazard a personal experiment in remote reading of the energy of the corona virus via a picture.

My immediate reaction is that it is understandably dense in vibration. Next, it causes needle-pricking sensation all over my face, an unmistakable sign of presence of negative energy. And, there is a heavy bloating feeling on my stomach – affecting my solar plexus chakra. I have yet to scan any person inflicted with the virus.


That leads me to ponder about the effectiveness of my energisation service – to cleanse a person’s overall energy and to empower him with positive energy.


I had a dream recently depicting me blasting laser beam from my fingers at some minute and powerful negative energy form encased in translucent and luminous bubble with a tadpole like appearance.. I succeeded in destroying it after several attempts using high vibration of the Ketheric energy linked to the Crown Chakra. In the background was some Indian Swami (Sai Baba look alike) who egged me on and applauded my effort to destroy it. I think the lucid dream tells me that the Covid19 could be neutralized with high energy radiation.
I have read up on the use of Ultra Violet (UV) rays to kill these viruses. Its seem that the specific category Ultra Violet C can do the job but it also causes extensive damage to our body.  UV C is only found in small amount in the overall composition of sunlight. The other two less portent UV radiation- UV A and UV B,  are more commonly found in the solar spectrum.  Am pondering over whether I could succeed in accessing this UVC with my thought manifestation, to do healing.


A word of caution – do not try this scanning method if you are not strong in defensive energy protection. At lease, wear a quartz. The eyes are our window and when we use them to scan any energy, they would cause the flow of whatever the source of the energy into your aura. If the energy is negative, it would be difficult to be dislodged, and get stuck in your energy body, awaiting for the timeliness to become serious blockage and cause physical harm to your physical body. If you are not strong in defensive energy, please do not try this experiment as you would get contaminated by the negative energy that is difficult to be removed from your overall aura.


By Anthony Leong

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