Etheric Pyramid

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  1. […] (3)  Overall cleansing of their body and energy system – Using the Etheric Pyramid method, I visually conjure an imaginary golden pyramid above their head and continuously spin it counter-clockwise to neutralise the negative energy and smoothen their overall energy system.  I actually work on the energy fields connecting to the chakra systems,  cleaning them layer by layer beginning at the Etheric Energy Field connecting to the Base Chakra,  spiralling upwards to their Emotional Energy Field linked to their Sacral Chakra and until I clear the Ketheric Energy Field relating to the Crown Chakra.  The description of the 7 Energy Fields and their relationship with the Chakra System is too complicated to explain here and merits  a more in-depth discussion in future. But, overall it is my immense ability to connect through my thoughts and awareness to the energy dimension that allows me the access and manipulation of these physically unseen forces. ( […]

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