Following up on my post on Etheric Hands,  I  am recommending the use of  Etheric Fingers.  Once you are competent in marshaling energy to your palms and project it outwards,  applying the five etheric fingers will not be a problem.

I equate the application of the five fingers as the “Five Thunder Claws” in the Chinese Taoist Qigong tradition.  For a start,  it can be used to consecrate objects – empowering or charging up.  What you do is to hold the object with the tips of your five fingers of your right hand – right is for projecting while left is for the reception.  You can focus attention on your crown chakra and will the crown chakra energy to your five fingers,  or you can enhance the process by using your favorite mantra,  composing an intention in your mind to cleanse and charge up the object or offer whatever your blessings.  (Normally,  they are 3P – blessings of  Peace,  Protection, and Prosperity)  In event that you suspect that a particular drink offered to you contains negative energy or even black magic,  you can neutralize it using the  “Five Thunder Claws” method.

The tips of our five fingers project beams of etheric energy outward all the time.  The easiest way to start using this method is waving your five fingers of your psychical right hand concentrating on the downward sweeping motions,  as if they are similar to a comb, Applying it as a healing method,  it has the effect of loosening up energy blockage and straightening the body’s energy field.  It can also help relieve pains and speed up the recovering of wounds.  I normally visualize green and whitish orange colors for clearing blockage and cleansing,  whitish violent for disinfecting and sanitizing and whitish red or pink for promoting speed of healing recovering.   The effective range can be as far as a meter or three to for feet.   For me,  I am able to deploy the etheric five fingers without moving my physical hand and to do remove healing.

You can even experiment using the five etheric fingers on withering plants and see how you are able to help them grow healthily again.

Anthony Leong

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