Energy – The Essence of Life

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'We are energy, and energy never dies, It just changes forms.'
My friend told me that he has been following the path of Dharma – towards a happy and wholesome life. He deems it as less hustle when compared to my obsession with the energy dimension, which to most people is the fearful realm of the unknown.
To most people they trust their life in the hands of their Gods, to bring about whatever that elusive ultimate, or the Reward for their unyielding faith. Be it going to Heaven or to have everlasting bliss, or whatsoever.
I am more aligned with Buddhism, which I agree with its life impermanence, cause and effect of karma, and especially the illusion nature of life. I see Buddhism as a vehicle to ascend to the higher energy realms, through right living and right thinking that are conducive to access to more refined energy, and unknown to them helps them to elevate to its higher realms, with the promise of Buddha hood.
To me, it boils down to the hard truth that energy overrides everything in this physical plane of existence, we are fundamentally part of the grand scheme of energy that especially for us has condensed into material forms. There is still so much to learn or unlearn, and I am only hovering around the novice level in what most people refer to as energy science,  or psychic energy (to give it an aura of awe)   Many people are extremely uncomfortable with my rather simplistic views.

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