Energy Healing With Semi-precious Stones

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When you have learned to manage the flow of energy in your body when you are confident in bringing down the white light, you can will the white light to be the vehicle of the healing stones.

Say, you would wish to harness the energy of a very powerful healing stone chrysoprase (an apple green stone of the chalcedony quartz family which is said to contain also the pure vibrations of gold). You simply hold it in your left hand and compose an intention to fuse its vibration into the white light you bring down. The white light shall through your mental empowerment carries the vibration of chrysoprase, and you can direct this column of light onto the other person’s head to release its healing vibration.

I once used a ring set with moldavite cut gemstone and six diamonds to bring down the energy of the meteorite using this method to help a fellow energy practitioner to activate all her chakras. Standing about 20 feet away from me, she swore she could feel the overpowering moldavite energy descending onto her head and pushing downwards to open up all her chakras.

When I was selling natural stones some years ago, I also used this method of channeling the energy of the stones to demonstrate the vibration power of the stones to some of my customers. Depending on individuals,  some could feel the vibration,  and some could not.  So, this method can also be used in remote healing.

The other way to use the stones is to place them on your left hand and move their vibrations through your heart chakra to your right hand to protect them. The projected energy of the stones is emitted from your right-hand chakra in a dispersed form of wide angle light having an effective range of two to three feet, depending on your power of visualization. To strengthen the energy radiation, you can actually visualize the lights beaming out parallel to one another like a laser.

That is so simple.  A lot of supposedly healers elaborately emplace the different types of stones on their patients’ body near the chakras.  And give the impression that these stones can heal.  Right or wrong?  I am not sure.    My contention is that if you acquire the gift of connectivity you do not have to resort to these visually appealing rituals. Even if you do not have the stone in your hands, you can visualize it,  tap its vibration and project it out to send its healing energy.  When I conjure the energy of the stone, I chant silently – for example –

“Cosmic (Tektite), Cosmic (Tektite), Cosmic Tektite),  I call upon the universal energy of Cosmic (Tektite)…Please help me cleanse so and so,  cleanse away all negative energies…….”

There is one very unique stone that can mimic the energy of other stones, and it is the black star diopside.  You can programme the stone to emulate any type of vibrations besides those of other stones.  And,  the stone is a very powerful tool to ward off negative energy bodies.

I am curious to find out whether the principle of Piezo-electricity is responsible for the emission of energy vibration from the stones.  Is it possible that when we hold the stone and form an intention with our thoughts,  we sub-consciously apply a feeble electrical charge on it and cause it to respond by giving off its own characteristic vibration.?

(Wikipedia: piezoelectric means electricity resulting from pressure an electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA, and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress.  )

Anthony Leong

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