Lucid Dreaming – Nan Hai Guan Yin

GuanYin Hainan 
In 2008,  there was one night I dreamed of a tall statue of Quan Yin,  the Goddess of Mercy,  and next to her was a long billboard with the numbers 0000000000007600 flashing in red LED lightings. 
After the dream,  I was offered to go on a trip to Hainan Island in Southern China,  and initially, I was reluctant to travel.   A few days later,  as I was chatting with the person Charles, who had tried to persuade me to make the trip with him,  and another common friend Raymond over a coffee, I casually mentioned to them about my dream of Quan Yin. And,  I did it more for the number revealed as we use to place bets on 4 Digits lottery draws.   It was in that instance that  Charles pulled out the itinerary of the impending Hainan Island trip and pointed out to me that the tour included a visit to one of the tallest statue of Quan Yin in the region.  And,  I was surprised that it was the same Quan Yin statue that I saw in my dream.   It is popularly known as the Quan Yin of the Southern Seas.  (Nan Hai Quan Yin).  That bespeaks so much of synchronicity.  
Now,  I am back with some photographs of the 108 m tall Quan Yin statue,  the world No. 1.  However,  I have not won any 4 D as yet,  and the number —–0007600 did not show up anyway on that trip.    
By Anthony Leong

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