Do You Believe In Ghosts?

My personal experience with ghosts attests that they do cause physical reactions. Besides seeing their auric presence, they do interact with our energy systems, causing a variety of physical sensations in our body.

If a person is psychic enough, first of all, he would feel the energy of others, especially when he is near people who are sick or suffering from some illnesses. This is what I used to call the process of sympathetic resonance. When I am near to a person suffering from chest pains, the symptom is mirrored in my physical body, and I do feel it in my own chest.  Many would have experienced this and agree with me on this phenomenon.   This ability is known as Clairsentience.

In a similar vein, Ghosts are energy bodies minus their physical bodies which they previously inhabited. So when they are around, their energy bodies tend to resonate with our energy bodies and as such, we feel them. That they are of lower vibration, their presence particularly tends to disturb our lower chakras – starting from our leg chakras, our sacral chakra, our solar plexus.   I feel their presence when my legs start to vibrate and experience the pricking sensations on my toes. Sometimes they numb my shoulders or causing needle pricking sensations on my fingers.  And, sometimes I feel they affect my solar plexus causing numbness there or the nauseating feelings.   I have heard from other people that they felt chest pains when they suspected that ghost were nearby.

Some people may feel goosebumps or hair standing on ends when ghosts are near them.  Some ever complained that they felt some cold shivers out of a sudden.

There are few individuals so called gifted with the Third Eye which enable them to see ghosts visually.   But,  from my personal experience, you could not see clearly the appearance of ghosts in human forms,  with the clothing they wear.  I used to see them in grayish energy balls around me,  and they scurry away when I move near them.

Ghosts may cause illnesses when they launch the auric attack on unsuspecting individuals who are weak in their energy protective armor. My explanation is that they sip or nibble off the energies from these unsuspecting individuals, leaving them weak and susceptible to illnesses. Funeral parlors and funeral wake, mortuaries, and some cemeteries are places that are infested with ghosts, each with their specific roles to play and their reasons for being there.

So, when people feel their energy being sapped after visiting these places especially at nightfall and become sick,  they should beware that they become unsuspecting victims of the auric attack by those unearthly beings. Ghosts do not attack everyone – only those who are weak in their energy. Sometimes they are attached to novice meditators who generate good energy but still too weak to weave around their body strong defensive energy webs. They should either stop visiting such places or protect themselves with white lights or wear some high vibration quartz or talismans.

By Anthony Leong


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