Difference Between Being Psychic And Spiritual

In my opinion,  there is a difference between being psychic and spiritual.   A psychic has extraordinary abilities in clairvoyance, clairaudience,  mediumship, and divination.  But that does not necessarily make him more spiritual.

On the other hand, a truly spiritual person may or not have that  much psychic abilities.  He is one who is aware of his role to serve God and mankind,  and in the process,  he acquires wisdom,  humility and the selflessness of wanting to give and share unconditionally.     He transcends the emotions attached to greater “ Self” and “Ego”  that retard his spiritual developments;  he is not affected by negative emotions of apathy,  deceit,  ego,  envy, and conceit anymore..  He learns to love not in a parochial personal sense from the sacral chakra but more from a universal perspective of the all-compassionate heart chakra.

I am still learning to be spiritual and I am not any more psychic than any other persons.  But I stand by a set of principles,  that whatever you practice you must be able to experience and substantiate it,  there should no wishy-washy claims or self-delusion.  For there are many charlatans,  who not only shun the hard work to harvest from their learning experience but also go around imposing themselves on others that they are some “Grandmasters”  or have supernatural abilities that others do not have.   I would only forgive those who do not have the original intention of misrepresenting themselves but suffer make-believed impressions that they have been  “gifted” with such abilities..   Maybe,  it is wrong for me to have these negative sentiments,  and a false sense of “self-righteousness”, and thereby expose myself to bad “karma”.  For,    I should be thankful that if not for them,  I would still be treading the same path of falsities or still lost in my make-believe  Supernatural  “world”. 

My wise friend told me:  “Do not despise the condemned criminal sentenced to death..  He is a “Bodhisattva”  because through his suffering the fate of being hanged, he not only pays a tragic price for his acts against humanity and society,   but he also teaches us and our children valuable lessons in life that if you do bad deeds you bear the consequences.

I was previously mocked by my friends for being superstitious.   In my moment of indignation,  I retorted to them:  “ if by calling me superstitious would make  you feel  far more intelligent than I am,  then you are at liberty to do so.”   People also ridiculed that I had succumbed to the ways of the demons  by practicing my brand of meditation,  and I told them: “Who are you to decide whether your way or my way is demonic;  by so doing are you sure you are no better than the demons themselves?.”


Anthony Leong

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