Common reactions encountered in Qigong Practice


This article is a sequel to my earlier write-up Qigong Breathing Method:  It identifies some common reactions encountered in the practice of Qigong,  but they also apply to those who practice some forms of meditation.

(1) Warm sensations/heat flush: This is the most common feeling. At one stage you should feel a warmness in your heart, your stomach, you Dan Tian, your hands and legs and your waist and your whole body as the energy travels. Some say the warm sensations are a form of healing indications, the toxic material,  inflammation and negative energy in your body being burned up and dissolved.

(2) Cooling sensations: When you have cleared the small universe, you should have a cooling sensation as you breathe out and in the region between the heart and kidneys. This is an indication that the kidney water element is activating and cooling the excessive fire element or the heart. It shall nourish your kidneys and improve their health conditions. I enjoy the cooling breathe the most; it is as if I am tasting nectar. This cooling sensation will normally come after the warm sensations/heat flush mentioned above.

(3) Itchiness: The feeling of itch is also most common – itch on your scalp and on your skin. This is a natural bodily reaction when the energy travels and pushes those the blockages, displacing the uncleaned energy residue which has been lodged at these places over a long period. Good Energy is like clean water which you use to flush away choking in the drainage system.  Just like stagnant water in the drainage system would become diseased over a longer period,  blocked energy would build up dense negative residues and cause damage to the physical body over a prolonged period.

(4) Numbing sensations: As the energy moves through the body sometimes you may feel slightly numbing sensations like electrical charges in some part of the body. This is again natural. Qigong Meditation, like any other forms of meditation, heightens your awareness,  especially concerning your own body. You should become more sensitive to feeling those affected parts of your body which have been blocked or diseased. (After some time you can even pick up the vibration of other people and their energy blockages and diseased areas. Easiest to feel are heart problems, stomach blockage and malfunctioned spleen, liver, and kidney. Those who drink excessively would become acuter to the feeling of blockages in their kidneys and livers – sometimes it is like having backache)

(6) Illusions: Feeling the body become heavy or light, or having illusions that the body becomes big or small. These are illusions which would come about as you practice Qigong and other forms of meditation. Learn to ignore them and accept it as a part of your Qi development. Some even imagine that they are thrown into light tunnel and spiral into the infinity. There are two ways to counter these phenomena – one is to anchor on your heart chakra when these illusions occur, and the other is to learn to entrench your foot chakras (Yong Chien acupuncture points on soft regions of your soles nearer to your toes).   It is important to bear in mind that you should not form attachments to these illusions,  just make a mental note and ignore/dismiss them.

(7) Some even begin to have involuntary movements of the body, like as if they are in a trance or doing some form of dancing. This is because when the Qi travels in the body when it encounters stubborn blockages, it diverts its course and these results in the person swaying to the movements of the Qi. Again, if you can help it, stop the Qigong exercise, rest for a while and start all over again. Normally, Qi also moves according to the direction from your thoughts, and the moment you divert your thought patterns or encounter a distraction, the Qi movements would be interrupted. If there is someone who is your instructor, he can help you to rechannel the Qi to the base chakra or the foot chakra to stop the involuntary movements.

For those who have attained consciousness in movements of energy in their body and their sacral chakra (DanTian acupuncture point),  they can regulate their body temperature.  If you feel warm,  especially on a hot Summer day,  you could will your DanTian acupuncture point to contract repeatedly and draw in the bodily heat.  Vice versa,  if you feel cold,  you could expand your  DanTian repeatedly to spread warm to your body.   The next level in Qigong meditation is to learn to breathe through your pores,  and this ability to overcome bodily heat and coldness will be greatly enhanced. ( Ref:  Our Skin – An Unusual Minor Chakra –



Anthony Leong

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