Combo of Moss Agate And Chevron Amethyst

The composition of the combo bracelet are from two fantastic stones – dark green Moss Agate and Chevron Amethyst (also  known as Dogtooth Amethyst) which is purple in colour and contain some white banded inclusion.


Moss agate is a green stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. In the workplace, it draws new business and gradual expansion, increasing prosperity over time.  It is good for small businesses and the self-employed. It improves overall physical health, enhancing the wearer’s energy level, and especially effective in countering inflammation and infection.  The stones also protect and improve our lymphatic systems.  Moss agate is recommended for those who are suffering from cancer affecting the lymph nodes.


Chevron Amethyst, also a stone of wealth, is an excellent third eye stimulator.  It enhances inner intuitive vision, outer physical vision, and out-of-body journeys.   Used to facilitate perception and interpretation of aura and assist in diagnostic technique.  Emanates concentrated positive energy and provides for clearing of aura and for release and dissipation of negativity. It is also effective at eliminating headaches, pain, symptoms of viral and infectious disease.  It is used in treatment of disorders of lungs, intestines, pancreas and liver.  It stimulates thymus and immune system. Also used to increase  proper functioning of eyes.  Personally, I like the white calcite inclusion in the amethyst, which serves to amplify the highly vibrational indigo energy, and at the same time provides excellent protection against negative energy.   The combo of two stones is highly recommended for those suffering from cancer and having chemotherapy treatment. I have given moss agate combined with dogtooth amethyst (bracelets and necklaces)  to a few of those who were suffering  from cancer – breast, nose, and stomach and prostate,  and there have been some discernible improvements in their conditions,  especially during the period they were having those chemo treatments.  Whichever,  I always advise people that the stones only help to a certain degree and the patients must still go for their usual  medical treatments. They are not miracle cure by themselves.


Some of the cancer sufferers receiving chemo treatments also by themselves came to me and asked for tourmaline, onyx and  obsidian bracelets, said to minimize the harmful effect caused by such treatment.  My psychic sensing of their stones after they had worn them for some time attested that the stones actually became denser and harsher  in energy vibration.  They actually helped absorb those harmful radiation,  just like those white quartz placed near computer monitors. (Note. If your medical condition is severe, consult a qualified medical doctor for a diagnostic)


I have helped my friend 4 Digit Lottery Master Chia to sharpen his intuitive and analytical power and improve his overall physical health.  I designed this combo bracelet, made of moss agate and chevron amethyst beads.  Since then, he had been wearing the bracelet on his left wrist. He has made good progress in his intuitive ability in forecasting winning 4 Digit  lottery combinations. I also observed that he became more energetic and healthier.


Another person, John W., who has been assisting Master Chia in the monthly 4D Seminars, heard about the combo bracelet.  He confided in me that of late his energy level was low, his physical health was poor, and his 4D luck needed to be improved too. After wearing a similar combo bracelet made for him (moss agate and chevron amethyst), his health turned for the better. Most importantly, he hit a 1st prize, 0852 and won $4,000.00 on 21 Feb 2016 (ticket above). He also won several other 4D prizes on 5103 (2nd prize, $410) and 5124 (consolidation $60) in Feb 2016 4D draws.  



By Anthony Leong

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