Colors of Healing

Below is a very brief guide to using colored light for some purposes of energy healing.
As usual,  this is not a substitute for Medical treatment.   It is preferred to mix the primary colors with white – whitish red, whitish orange, whitish yellow, whitish green, whitish blue and whitish violet to moderate the effects of the primary colors.

Affects the muscular system, Stimulates the sensory nerves.
Affects the adrenals and releases adrenaline into the body.
Good for circulation and to increase physical energy.
Helps with colds. Repairs damaged tissue and helps heal wounds.

Do not use red for inflammations (blue is suggested).
Do not use in cases of emotional disturbance. (May increase anger or anxiety).
Do not use on those suffering from cancer.
Red is not recommended for heart problems. Rose tones can be used instead

For rejuvenation, calming and comfort
Fertility issues
Increase compassion
Use for kidney problems to rejuvenate the organs.

An antidote for depression, loneliness, and tiredness.
Recommended for Vegetarians to give them energy.
For cramps and spasms, chest conditions, rheumatism, and asthma.
For cleansing along with green color.

For the nervous system
For issues of mobility, neurological issues
For skin ailments and nervous exhaustion.
Intellectual clarity (before taking tests as an example)
Do not use yellow for a nervous breakdown, use blue and green.

For the digestive system.
To relieve tension for shock,
It helps to alleviate headaches
For blood pressure (light green for high blood pressure and dark
Green for low blood pressure).
It relaxes the heart.
For cleansing.

Turquoise (blue-green or aqua)
Can help to calm hypersensitive children
For mental calm
Also a good color for general meditation

Blue (light or sky)
To enhance antiseptic effects
It calms the mind and nerves.
For throat conditions, stings, itches, and bites.
For Cases of shock.
For cooling a fever
Use a blue light for measles, chickenpox, and mumps.
For disinfecting and for filling up energy gaps.

Indigo  (deeper blue)
Removing fear.
Purifies the bloodstream.
For varicose veins, insomnia, boils, ulcers, bruising.
Indigo heals the etheric body. (not for depression)

Can be good for mental and nervous disorders and emotional disturbances.
Maintains potassium balance.
Reduces hunger.
Sedates and subdues
Purifies the entire system.
Disintegrate and loosening energy blocks

The Pranic Healing Method teaches the use of our chakra to deploy the colors from our palms:

Base Chakra – For projecting red, orange and yellow

Throat Chakra – For projecting green and blue

Crown – For projecting violet and electric violet.

Otherwise,  you can just visualize the colors as you project healing energy from your palm.

The different colors of stones can apply alongside the healing colors, which is categorized according to the 7 colors of the rainbow. For example, can use ruby and garnet for red healing color, carnelian and orange jasper for orange, citrine and tiger eyes for yellow, emerald and aventurine for green, turquoise, lapis and sodalite for blue, amethyst and sugilite for indigo. A bit difficult for me to relate any stones for violet, though I often replace it with white and use white quartz.


Besides having the healing properties as describe in the healing colors, each stones also have other ancillary qualities not only for healing but other purposes like protection and fortune attraction.


Anthony Leong

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