Meditation Using the Buddhist 4 Deportments

I have come across the mention of 4 Deportments in  Buddhist teachings – Shurangama Sutra and tried to relate them to some of my meditation methods in this blog.

(1)  Walk Like A Wind –  To walk properly like the wind, you have to balance your shoulders, swing your arms slightly forward and backward synchronizing with your strides which should not be too wide.  The feeling is that as you walk you walk like the “Moving Cloud and Flowing Waters.”    You walk naturally, neither too fast nor too slow but maintaining a sense of balance,  using little effort.  Try to experience walking with the concentration on your solar plexus and on your heart chakras on at a time and note the difference.  I find that to move faster it is good to concentrate on your solar plexus, while for conserving energy and stamina the focus should be on the heart chakra. I describe: –

(I) Walking Meditation in ( and

(II) Using Mantra In Walking Meditation (

(2)  Stand Like A Pine – For standing like the pine, in meditation, it is proper to still your body with two legs spreading comfortably apart, approximately same with the width of your shoulders, knee slightly bent,  with the palms facing out either at the side of your hips,  or with them cupping your sacral chakra (Hara Minor chakra or DanTien acupuncture point).  The method of meditation which I have recommended for the standing posture is Grounding To Reach The Earth Star -(

(3)  Sit Like A Bell – For sitting like a bell meditative posture, find a good chair with a comfortable backrest.  Plant your feet firmly on the ground with your knees slightly apart,  using the width of your fist as a guide.    Sit upright naturally with your hands in the position you are comfortable with.  Some place their hands on their thighs, while some place their palm on top of one another forming a cup shape.  (can hold a piece of quartz on your hands to help in your meditation).   One recommended method in the sitting position would be : –

(1) Using Mantra Meditation To Activate Chakra – (

(2)  Meditating With Stones – (

At the advanced level, we should try and do the Lotus cross-legged position.

(4)  Lie Like A Bow – Lucky Lying Position or sleeping like a bow is used for sleeping meditation.  You lie on your Right side because if you do it on your Left you would be putting pressure on your heart.  Your draw up your legs and sleep in a crouched position,  as if you are a foetus in the mother’s womb.  This is also termed as Lo Han (Arahat) meditation. In this position,  you are also curling up to protect yourself, a means of psychic defense, while you sleep meditate.  I have mentioned about one method of meditation using this sleeping posture –  Our Skin – The Unusual Sub Chakra -(

On the sleeping posture,  one can use a method to clear away the blockages and negative energy from his physical body while asleep.  This method involves the activation of the sole chakra  (In Chinese acupuncture it is the Yoong Chien acupuncture point below our feet) – on the soft pad approximately three finger width measurement from the toes.  Just like your right-hand chakra,  the right sole chakra is also projecting.  So,  if you have activated your sole chakra,  just before you fall asleep,  you locate those specific areas of blockages,  say in my case is my left kidney,  and deliberately connect it to your right sole chakra.  Will the blockage being siphoned off through the right sole chakra and you would continue to do that even after you have fallen asleep.  You can do it in any sleeping position,  but the lucky sleeping posture described in the above posts is the best.   Now,  one way to check out whether this method works is to examine whether the sole of your right foot has that sticky feeling when you wake up the next morning.   If that is the case, just make sure you use soap,   or salt water,  to wash away,  the stickiness.

For those who are not very sure how to activate the sole chakra,  you can place stones near your right foot – obsidian, smoky quartz,  elestial quartz,  black tourmaline are recommended.  (And remember to cleanse the stones after use by at least rinsing them in running water and recharge them under the mild morning sun ).  The vibrations of these stones would not only activate your sole chakra but help to draw out the negativity and energy blockages.  (The practice of the walking meditation described above would also help activate the sole chakras which are vital in grounding and connecting to the earth star chakra).

By Anthony Leong

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