Bodies and Chakras, Yoga Bodies

 Bodies and Chakras, YogaBodies and Chakras are meant to be the seven bodies and their corresponding chakras that govern the respective type of the bodily aspects of a human. One may desire to be conscious of wearisome areas in one’s own body and their corresponding chakras. The seven subtle bodies hold various forms of information and the respective chakra system produces energies that create the aura.

Physical Body
The physical body is the thickest of the seven bodies, the only one which can be seen without psychic vision. Through the physical body, one can articulate, receive and become conscious. These seven chakra levels consist of the physical body.

Emotional Body
The emotional body has a vibratory rate by which one feels and conveys emotions; it is also a passageway to the divine and when fully developed, serves as a channel for feelings of divine love.

Mental Body
Bodies and Chakras, YogaThe mental body is the vibratory rate through which one thinks and reasons out. When one operates in lower levels of the mental body, one’s opinions and attitudes may be heavily influenced by feelings, giving rise to a “desire mind”, products of which include preconceptions, opinions and other forms of emotionally-seasoned thinking. Operating at the superior levels of the mental body, one is capable of non-figurative thinking, creativity, logical analysis, mathematics and philosophy.

Intuitional/Compassionate Body
This is the vibratory rate where one feels empathy and has understanding of self and others. It is also a medium for the manifestation of higher forms of love – a gateway to the Divine – functioning as a connecting link between the emotional and the divine levels. In this body, one is above the confines of time and space; there is understanding without the need to go through a process of analysis and judgement. This body is the home of intuition.

Will/ Spirit Body
The will/spirit body is the medium or vibratory rate through which spirit manifests. It conveys energy which expresses as will and is the utmost level an individual can arrive at and still negate the Divine or Soul levels; this brings an opportunity of huge negativity or Karma, because the energy is so high that it can cause, when misrepresented, much devastation. This is the area for selection – Divine will or the individual will.

Soul Body
The soul body is the medium for the manifestation of soul’s energies and the home of the “I Am” presence. It furnishes supervision for the human level.

Divine Body
The Divine Body is the seventh and the supreme. In this body, one associates to the glint of the divine within oneself. Through this energy one can deeply feel the presence of God in one’s lives and feel united with God.

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