Black Stones for Protection Against Negative





In stone lore, most protective stones are black in color.  Black brings to our mind that it is of denser vibration frequency, and aligns with the base chakra.  But, in some of the black-colored stones, they seem to have overpowering vibration frequency and are said to have both the divergent abilities to absorb and dissipate lights.  I am reminded of the Chinese Yi Jing, where it is said that extreme Yin would yield the beginning of Yang.


Below are some of the more common black stones that are highly recommended to be used to counter negativities: –  


OBSIDIAN (BLACK):  An inexpensive and common stone, it holds back negativity. Exists simultaneously in more than one dimension. Its presence aids the positive vibratory force of those entities and those material surroundings within its force field. Draw healing to the asker. Highly recommended for all psychics, especially those who do a lot of energy work. The Chinese uses obsidian as a favorite material for carving images of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and deities.


ONYX:  This mineral enhances visions. Worn too frequently by people not aware of what it can do for the experienced practitioner. Best for meditation and dream emphasis.  Energizer to the system, it is also a general nerve soother and emotional centering agent. Used as a fever reducer. Helps subdue excessive libido.


TEKTITE (Brown or Black):  Comprised of various minerals affected by intense heat when coming to earth from other parts of the universe. Helps us link up with the extraterrestrials and also tune into our own other world past lives. Good protective stone against negative elements.  When I was first introduced to this stone,  I saw bright white sparks emitting from the stones in the total darkness of my bedroom.  My favorite stones for warding off bad spirits.




Stone dealing with negative energy. Not only does black tourmaline help get rid of negative energy, it also  works on attracting positive energy. I always recommend black tourmaline bracelets for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment as it is supposed to help deflect the harmful radiation.


JET (Lignite): A type of coal formed from carbonized wood. Revered as a protector against illness and personal attack by many ancient European civilizations. People were even buried with it to protect them in the afterlife. Women in England normally wear them to a funeral. Good protective stone against negative elements. Used specifically for a toothache by the Greeks.

The black stones listed seem to have the inert ability to fight against negativity more because of its molecular structure.  Black color objects by themselves do not necessarily contain the powerful vibration frequency needed to protect.  Most of these black stones are at one time in their long history associated with the fire element – like obsidian, and jet.  And,  there is a limitation on how effective the black stones are in fulfilling this purpose;  they are useful in containing negative spirits and entities of the lower realm but ineffective against powerful demons and devils. Fortunately,  in real life, it is rare for most laypersons  to encounter such high-level disturbances.   The stones can be further enhanced in serving out their protective abilities if they are properly blessed,  cleansed, and “programmed” with specific instructions.

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