Basic Exercises In Learning To Feel Energy (Reprint)

I have written extensively on energy or Qi,  how it could help in strengthening our chances of attracting good fortune and windfall,  and in healing and protecting ourselves against negativities.    In this article, I am going to introduce some basic methods of experiencing how to feel the elusive Qi or energy.

Before I proceed to discuss the methods, I need to highlight that there are many skeptics who adamantly deny the existence of energy or Qi.  I remember there was a certain columnist in my country’s major newspaper, a certain Dr. Ho, who disdainfully dismissed all forms of alternative healing as bogus.  When he was reminded of a simple exercise in Chinese Qigong to experience the existence of Qi by pushing our two open palms together and drawing them apart, feeling the compression and expansion of energy,    he derisively attributed this phenomenon as the sensation of bodily heat.

When I explained this simple exercise and asked the audience in a workshop to try it out themselves, I could sense there were few skeptics – in particular, there was a lady who with folded arms refused to perform the exercise; she disappeared from the congregation shortly.   Either she was a disbeliever like Dr. Ho, or that she would have been thinking that she was at a level that such simple exercise was a waste of time for her to follow suit.

Now, the exercises areas I have been advocating are fundamentals to the feeling, awareness of, and management of energy.  Let me illustrate.   At entry-level to feel and manage the energy, you have to do the exercise.  You push two open palms together to feel the compression of energy and next draw them apart to sense that the energy that appears elastic still forming a tagging sensation on your two open palms as if like playing the accordion.

This is fundamental to basic healing – to teach you how to feel with your open palm the other person’s energy field.  As you place your hand on the person’s energy field, you move your palm sideward until you feel a change in sensation.   Then you begin to move your palm forward and backward, just like the entry-level exercise of pushing your palms together and drawing them apart.  The feeling – your palm is either being pushed away indicating that there is a bloating of energy in that location or if it is being drawn close meaning there is a deficiency of Qi in that region.

If your palm is drawn to the person’s energy field, it means that his Qi is deficient and the healing energy from you would flow naturally in to fill up the gap.  On the other hand, when your palm is being pushed away, it means that there is a surplus of energy in the patient’s energy body; also meaning a bloated or blocked region.  When you maintain your palm in that region, the excess energy would be drawn up from the patient’s body,  indicating that you are helping him to clear those energy blockages.

But such excess energy you may suck up might not be good for you.  That’s why you have to connect your crown chakra to your heart chakra and channel the refined energy to your hands so that you can purify the foreign energy.  The practice of deploying your crown and heart chakra to raise the overall vibration frequency is an advanced technique.    For beginners,  I recommend the use of quartz,  holding it in your receptive left hands while you are using your right projecting palm to perform the energy work.  If you do that the patient’s excess energy would be neutralized and there would be a reverse flow of energy from you to him, loosening up the blocked energy area.  Similarly, when the patient’s energy is deficient, he will draw energy from you and deplete you.   But when you connect your energy to the crown chakra vibration, or to an external source, like natural crystals,   the energy flowing from your body to the patient’s body would not be exhausted; it would, on the contrary, raise the vibration of the patient’s deficient energy area,  cleanse and charge him up.

The other fundamental exercise that I use to ask my students to do is to feel the existence of energy on their left palm and attempt to transfer the attention of their left palm to their right open palm.  Again, this looks so ridiculously simple that many people would scorn at it.   But, this exercise is important to train a person to transfer energy – for example, if they hold a healing stone in their left hand; they are able to channel the healing energy of the stone to their right projecting hand.  They can thus transmit the healing energy from the stone to the patient.

Another method of initiating yourself into feeling energy is learning how to feel the vibrations of quartz.  (Reference:

Most healing methods do not teach and explain these fundamentals.


By Anthony Leong

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