Aura Of Highly Spiritual Persons

It was mentioned that at the Nobel Peace Prize award presentation, when Mother Teresa appeared, the whole atmosphere was very invigorating with a high frequency of vibration. The audience felt the energy of the magnetic field, which was full of beauty and moved everyone.


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When a person of high energy appears, his energy makes the magnetic field of all things become beautiful and peaceful, but when a person has a lot of negative thoughts, he not only hurts himself, but the magnetic field that the circus gets bad.”


There is some truth in the statement. Personally, I attended some presentations by highly spiritual individuals and observed their enlightening aura that uplift the entire congregation.


One was Swami Jhyothirmayah, of Living Art, whose expansive golden aura filled the whole stage as he gave a presentation.

Swami Jyothirmayah – Art Of Living Blog

Swami Jhyothirmayah


The other was Swami Narayana Amma whose high vibration frequency preceded him as he arrived at another congregation.


Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma — The Brahman Project

Amma Narayani



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