Astrology And Stones

Stones have a long history of being used for their healing and curative powers. From ancient times, practitioners of astrology noted the relationship of the stars to metals and gems. Each stone has a different character and personality that can be easily classified in terms of astrology. Amber’s rich red and yellow colors easily link it to the fire element and to the sun. Opal’s soft milkiness links it to the water element as well as the moon. Stones that are darker and green or black are often connected to the earth element. Stones with a light and often yellow or pale green color are linked to the air element.

The Healing Power of Stones

When we wear stones, display them in the house or garden, or use them in ritual, we can access their healing powers. We can pick stones to heal us on a number of levels. One of the best ways is to pick a stone that will augment an element that is lacking in our chart or will balance and fortify an element that predominates in our chart.

For example, if there is a lack of fire in the chart, there may be problems with energy levels, passion, creativity, and “get up and go” at times in life. Certain fire stones can help to strengthen the weak fire element and give it a natural boost. Another example is someone with lots of fire in their chart who may be overly exuberant, flirtatious, dominating or have difficulty in sitting still and remaining grounded. In this case, one may decide to pick an antidote stone (perhaps a stone of water or earth to offset the fire) or pick a fire stone that is naturally in harmony. A Firestone will provide a balanced and healthy expression of fire and will temper the extremes of a fiery personality.

Fire Stones:  There are a number of wonderful stones connected to the fire element. Below is a short list. The fire element is connected to vitality, creativity, love, playfulness, strength and warmth.

Amber, linked to the Sun: This stone provides a radiant and warming energy that helps strengthen our overall energy, nourishes our heart and circulation and increases our confidence and magnetism. It helps soothe emotional problems.

Ruby, linked to Mars. This stone is strengthening and has a very grounded expression of fire. It is protective by deflecting negativity. It increases the power of the wearer. It helps increase sexual potency.

Rhodochrosite, linked to Mars: This beautiful pinkish stone helps bring a calm and gentle expression of fire. It augments energy levels, and helps open the heart (good to give to a lover). It also helps cleanse the blood and stimulates circulation.

Garnet, linked to Mars: This lovely red stone is strongly protective. It is wonderful to wear when needing courage and going into difficult situations and places. It also confers strength and vitality and will bring a boost of energy when a lot of physical energy needs to be exerted. It is also good for healing skin problems and strengthens the heart.

Air Stones: Below is a partial list of air stones. Air is related to communication, thought, mental acuity, intelligence, and sociability.

Aventurine, linked to Mercury: This greenish stone has been known to augment our perceptive skills and increase the eyesight. We may become more quick and intelligent while working with this stone. Also increases sociability and interaction with the community.

Yellow jasper, linked to Mercury: Jasper comes in a wide variety of colors, but yellow Jasper is particularly suited to the air element. It helps strengthen our mental processes, clears the mind and focuses our intent and vision. It reduces “mind clutter” and intrusive thoughts.

Moss Agate, linked to Uranus:  There are many varieties of agate. Moss agate helps open our insight and intuition. We become more aware and clear with this stone as messages seem to come that help guide us.

Amazonite, linked to Uranus: This stone is helpful for increasing our social connections. It also helps develop our will, composure and sense of confidence in the world. It helps us harmonize and balance with our friends and relations.

Water Stones:  If we tend to have a lot of planets in water in our chart – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – then we may want to wear a stone that expresses that water in a beautiful and balanced way. These balancing stones can be worn on a regular basis. If, however, our watery nature is making us feel overly emotional, mired in heavy feelings and “bogged down,” we may want to wear a more fiery or airy stone that will help offset these tendencies. I usually recommend wearing these remedial stones on an occasional basis and only when they are most needed. Below is a partial list of water stones that will help balance that element and bring out its best qualities.

Coral, linked to the Moon: Coral is not a stone, but the calciferous remnants of a sea creature. Coral has a gentle strength that is helpful for easing stuck emotions and relaxing nervous strain. Coral has been used as a protective and magical amulet by cultures throughout the world. It is especially helpful for regulating menstrual cycles and encouraging hormonal balance in women.

Pearl, linked to the Moon:  This, too, is not a stone, but the calcified creation of oysters. These beautiful round jewels have been worn cosmetically for ages. They have an entrancing and bewitching power that helps attract love and prosperity. Pearls connect the wearer to a softer and more feminine side, one that can be vulnerable and more open.

Lapis Lazuli, linked to Venus and Neptune:
This royal blue stone has an uplifting quality that can dispel depression and dark rumination. Also known as lazurite, this stone has a healing quality for the heart, and gently allows for old wounds to fade away while strengthening that center. Lapis also encourages the psychic nature, and those who use it will increase their meditative, absorptive and concentrative qualities.

Moonstone, linked to the Moon: This stone has a milky, luminous quality to it and has long been used as a symbol of lunar energy. Because of this, it is especially beneficial for those with a lot of Cancer (associated with the Moon) in their charts. This gentle, but powerful stone helps increase a receptive and meditative nature. Moonstone helps draw forth our magical and psychic powers and gives us serenity and a warmer, more loving heart.

Earth Stones:  If we tend to have a lot of planets in Earth signs in our chart – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn- we can choose a stone that expresses that earthy nature to its utmost potential. Fire and Air stones can be used therapeutically to offset excesses of earth energy (stuck feelings, melancholy, lack of energy, etc.). Below is a partial list of earthy stones that will help strengthen and balance the earth element.

Emerald, linked to Venus: This well-known green stone has a strengthening and tonifying energy. It helps the wearer attract love and prosperity and protects the wearer from negativity. Emerald’s green color nourishes our heart center and gently opens our sexual energy. Emerald has a special affinity for Taurean energy (those with planets in Taurus).

Obsidian, linked to Saturn and Pluto: (This is also a fire stone.) Obsidian is created when lava rapidly cools. This intense black stone is very helpful to ground one’s energy, especially when a powerful transformation is taking place in life. Obsidian augments the power of the wearer and strengthens their will and determination.

Bone, linked to Saturn: Though not a stone, bones have been used for ages by shamans and medicine people for their curative and healing powers. There are many different kinds of bones with different energies, including antlers, horns and skeletal fragments. In all cases, how the bone was retrieved is of utmost importance. The poaching and killing of elephants, walruses and seals is at an epidemic level and the remains of these creatures should not be worn. Those who use bones (if found properly) will become strengthened and energized.

Turquoise, linked to Venus: This brilliant, sky-blue stone has long been revered for its sacred power by many Native American peoples. Turquoise is a very protective stone, capable of warding off dark and heavy energy. It also encourages peace and prosperity in life and strengthens the wearer’s purpose and willpower. Turquoise helps us manifest our dreams and visions.

Practical Application:  After finding a stone that resonates well with you, take time to clear its energy and welcome it into your life. There are a number of ways to prepare stones for magic and healing. One is to simply soak it in salty water for a few hours. Another way is to bury the rock outside in the ground overnight. Smudging with sage or incense helps remove any toxic energy it may have picked up and helped purify and cleanse the stone. If the stone is in a ring, necklace or pendant, try wearing it for a few days and notice any changes taking place. If the stone is not for wearing, place it in a sacred spot where you can see and feel its energy daily. Notice what happens in that space over the next week. If the changes are beneficial, the stone is resonating well with you and can be kept. If problems and misfortune start to occur, the rock may not be right for you and should either be buried or returned to the place where it was found.


Stones are magical and powerful entities capable of transforming our lives. Make sure you treat them with care and love as you would treat a houseplant. When they are well tended, stones help strengthen our spirit and protect us from harm. They become beautiful allies capable of nourishing our heart and soul.


(Reference:  Unknown author from my archived files)

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