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Dog Healing

I have been thinking about applying energy healing on animals for quite some time.  There is a follower to this site who is an animal healer, Karen Anderson. (

There has been only one instance I applied energy healing successfully on a pet dog of my friend (Above pic).  It was about a few years ago when my friend,  who also learned mantra chanting and meditation from me, approached me for assistance.  He wanted me to bless the dog for a smooth transition as it was very sick,  suffering cancer of the jaw and heart problem,  He was advised by the vet that it could not last beyond one month,  and had to be put down.

On the day, I accompanied him to the pet hospital and saw the dog in pathetic condition, looking very sick and with uncontrollable bowel.  I went to the dog,  placed my right palm on its forehead,  chanted a mantra and invoked refined energy.  After that,  the owner decided to fetch the dog home to wait out its demise,   instead of incurring exorbitant hospital charges.

Nevertheless,  the rest of the story was a miracle.  The dog lived on for about three years before it passed away peacefully one day of heart failure.

I am not confident if I could repeat another instance of healing of the animal successfully. I think the positive results came about with a multiple of unknown factors, and with the influence of synchronicity that could not be reproduced at will. However, I am fairly certain that I applied the correct methodology which I have been practicing on energy blessings and healing of humans.

There have been instances when I responded to call for sending healing energy to pets.  My usual practice is to look at the photographs of the pet,  deploy my etheric hand (right projecting palm) on the forehead of the pets and channel the healing light.  At times I would use the mantra of Medicine Buddha.  If there is no photograph of the pet,  I would try to connect maybe by surrogate connection to the owner  I know.  The most important part of the healing is the ability to establish a connection, maintain that connection long enough for me to send the healing energy over the space dimension.  I try  not to  behave as if I  merely  chant or utter some invocation and make believed that I have completed the healing ritual.

By Anthony Leong

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