An Interesting Dialogue On Reincarnation


Recently,  I communicated with a visitor to my blog,  Graham,  and we had an interesting exchange on the subject of Reincarnation.


GrahamTD’s Question: –

Wonder how energies mentioned here compare to other accounts of past lives influencing the current incarnation..

Anthony Leong replied  -Cannot get what you are trying to say. As far as I am concerned, energies are all the same – vibration frequencies. Supposedly, some either positive or negative energies were pre-dominant in the past lives, and if you subscribe to the reincarnation theory, the overpowering energies of the past lives would be carried on in the present incarnation, and influence 1. the fate and destiny,  and 2. and the character and personality of the person to a certain extent. People put it in simplistic terms of karma – relating to the cause and effect.

Graham’s response: -OK, a little potted personal history since my Chiron return. Spent time in the Scottish Borders a decade or so ago, started training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (before the Witchcraft act was repealed there were only local healing groups). Events led to a visit to the haunted Buckholm Tower near Galashiels, and when I recounted what I experienced there a few years later, I was advised to look up the Spirit Release Foundation (now disbanded though the Spirit Release Forum continued in like vein). At the SRF, the late Tony Neate suggested I attend a Channeling weekend in Malvern. Through that, I made contact with another group in which I am still involved. I have witnessed what appears to be communication with past lives who are then encouraged to go into the heart and then appear to realize that it is time to release their energetic connection with the current incarnation.

Lightening the karmic load of reincarnation

About Beloved Narayani Inc. – Beloved Narayani Inc.

Swami Amma Naranyani

I begin pondering over a renowned Swami Amma Narayani said to be capable of lessening the adverse past life karmic influence if his followers kiss his feet.  And, in one of his sermons I chanced upon,  he urges all to do good deeds and spend more time on meditation to accumulate good Dana, also to lighten the load of negative karma from a previous life.  He explains that the time spent on meditation would lessen the opportunity for a person to harbor negative thoughts.

I do not subscribe entirely to his ostentatious solution in chalk up merits or  Dana.  But,  I do believe that karma can still be “tweaked”  if we work on the concept of my belief in energy vibrations being malleable.  It explains to my understanding that all these external trappings like kissing his feet, doing more good deeds, and spend more time on meditation, have the desirable effect of improving our positive energy vibration frequencies.  So that,  in the present incarnation we would not be unduly weighed down by the negative,  dense and raw energy vibrations we accumulated from whatever misdeed committed in a past life.  So I will continue to do good deeds,  and meditate more, though I would not have the chance to kiss Amma”s feet.




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