An episode In Prayers Being Answered

Recently,  I happened to lose my wallet containing some cash, and more importantly my identity card, driving license and bank cards.  It was fortunate that I discovered the loss about half an hour later, and I mentally backtracked the places I visited to narrow down where I could have dropped it.   There were three possibilities – one was at a Muslim restaurant along Changi Road, the other was in a bus Service No. 24 and the last was on the train from Paya Lebar MRT Station.

My checks with the bus and train services were futile,  and my last hope was that the wallet was dropped inside the restaurant I had visited with my wife earlier.  While heading back to the restaurant,  I mentally made an divination which indicated that the wallet could be found there. Next, I composed a prayer and earnestly pleading with my Guiding Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, to help me recover the lost item.   However, when I reached the restaurant and checked with the staff there,  none of them claimed they saw the missing wallet.  I felt disappointed that my prayers were futile.

Nevertheless,  the following day while I was at work I received a strange phone call from a man telling me that my wallet was recovered.   To cut the story short,  in the evening that day,  an old Muslim couple came to my workplace and returned the wallet to me.  They claimed they were having dinner in the same restaurant and found my wallet on the floor. Relying on the address indicated on my ID card,  they took an expensive taxi ride to my house to try to return it to me.  Unfortunately,  they could not find me at home.  And, from the documents in my wallet,  they succeeded in retrieving my phone number and contacting me the following day.

When I finally met up with the good samaritans,  I thanked them profusely and offered them some cash to compensate them for the time and money spent in trying to reach me. Under normal circumstances,   other people who happen to find the wallet would have succumbed to greed and kept the wallet with the few hundred dollars cash therein.

This is one of those rare occasions where I experienced prayers being answered,  though one is at liberty to dismiss it as a coincidental incident.   And,  it is my contention that prayers need not be confined to any religions or denominations,  so long as one is sincere and earnest in exercising them,  and have been sufficiently devoted/dedicated to whichever faith they are following.    Especially,  when one is placed in a desperate situation, or encountering life and death experiences,  there is no real harm in resorting to prayers as one option,  apart from making concrete and constructive actions to resolve them.


By Anthony Leong


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