An Episode in Forecasting a Heart Attack

I have written in my previous posts that when you are practicing energy to a certain level, you may pick up signals of illnesses from those around you. 

I recall many years ago (2005),  during one of my lessons on Natural Energy,  I noticed one elderly student of mine was having some severe chest pains.  But the seventy-year-old man, the late Mr. Peter Ong explained that he was alright and could not recall any history of heart problem.  I asked another student, Lilian,  who has a good awareness of energy,  and she too picked up the signals indicating there was a heavy and dense blocked feeling in the chest of the elderly gentleman.  The next day,  I was told the elderly man suffered a heart attack,  was warded at the hospital and operated on.   He was cured of the heart sickness and discharged five days later.

I suppose the forewarning had helped the person to take immediate action when he felt the pain physically in his chest and went straight to the hospital.   While we were in the classroom,  I also helped soften the impact of the heart attack by bringing down the healing energy of  Medicine Buddha for him;  the same lady student checked again and found the dense and blocked feelings in the chest of the fellow students had become soften. This could have helped alleviate the seriousness of his heart attack. 

(Mr. Peter Ong passed away after contracting cancer a few years later,  It saddens me that when the established numerologist and poet suffered cancer and died,  none of the other students who also learned numerology from him took the trouble to inform me.)

I have always explained that when one acquires an awareness of energy and can move it around,  he begins to pick up the vibrations/ signals of illnesses from them and feel them on his own body.   The experience can be very disturbing and painful to the psychic individuals.  But it is a good form of diagnosis for illnesses;  the only problem is one cannot tell what kind of illnesses except knowing the locations affected.   To be able to diagnose at a more advanced level,  one needs to develop the psychic third eye that acts like the X-ray visions.

To get rid of these distressed signals/vibrations,  I recommend the use of the etheric pyramid to spin them away.   The other method is to concentrate on the throat chakra,  feel out for the etheric template energy sub-body and pull it as close to your physical body as close as you can.  Then visualize this as an energy wall or armor with cobalt blue color.

At an even higher level,  this skill in picking up pain signals/vibrations of others need not be confined to physical proximity.  You can feel the same signals/vibrations  from looking at photographs of individuals or even when you think about them.  I always emphasize this as the connectivity ability.


By Anthony Leong

(Original Message 6/12/2005 11:28 AM)

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