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One of my favorite stones, it is both mystical and spiritual.  Helps to develop Third Eye and activate the psychic center.  I put one under the pillow for a good night’s sleep and enhancing my dreams.  Amethyst can enhance dreaming and dream recall,  especially in helping you to develop the ability to perform lucid dreaming.  It is also a great meditation stone hastening the meditator’s state of mind to go into the Alpha level.

For Feng-shui,  I recommend placing a geode facing the main entrance,  preferably at the left-hand corner or right-hand corner of the living room diagonally opposite the entrance as you face inward from outside the house.  These are two wealth positions in order of priority to attract the energy of wealth.

Besides, the evenly emanated radiations of the multiple terminations in the geode also help to keep at bay any negative vibrations from entering the house.    You can actually feel the higher frequency vibrations from the doorway with your palms.  Geode formation also aids in fertility and smaller stones can be placed in the bedroom for this purpose.

An amethyst generator in a study room can help a child to concentrate in his study and protect his eye sights from deteriorating.

The amethyst can be worn by those suffering from cancer, as its higher vibrations are offensive to the lower vibration cancerous cells.  It is said that cancerous cells mimic the embryonic reproductive cells of our body deceiving the brain to send nourishing energy to them.  I prefer another purple stone – the Sugilite – for this healing purpose; it has manganese inclusions giving it a grounding element.   (Some people who find amethyst too flighty may find Sugilite a better substitution because of its grounding ability.)

It is supposed to counter alcoholism, from the days of the Roman Empire where drinking chalice was said to made from amethyst.  Can leave tumbled amethyst stones overnight in clean water and drink as an elixir.   I used to have them in my water filter compartment.

Amethyst can be found in most parts of the world but the better quality stones are from Uruguay and Brazil.  The favorite formations:  in single or double terminations, in clusters and in the geode.  The richer the purple the better quality is the stone.

There is an interesting variety of amethyst and I can recall the few I have come across in my collection of these stones.

Amethyst Geode (1)

Geode Amethyst – normally exist in an oval egg shape and commercially available in halves, which appears like a miniature cave.   It is a good Feng Shui attracting stone when placed in the wealth corner of the house.  Placing it in front of the main entrance would prevent negative energies from intruding into the house.  A pair adorns my altar.



Ametrine –    Another related stone is Ametrine,  a hybrid of amethyst and citrine.  It integrates the psychic Third Eye Chakra and the Mental Solar Plexus Chakra, giving you insight and mental clarity as you develop your psychic faculties.  It is a wealth attracting stone.  When adorning as a jewelry,  it offers effective protection against negative energies.  I used to have it in the formation of a Star Of David pendant.

Double T Amethyst1)

Double Termination Amethyst:  – Said to be from Vera Cruz and South Africa, the naturally formed double termination has overpowering vibrations and immediately leads us into the meditative state.  This variety normally has paler purple color.  To me, it not only affects the third eye chakra but also the throat and in particular the crown almost instantaneously as I hold it in my receptive hand.  I own a few pieces which I strung with silver metal wires and wear them occasionally.

Other varieties of amethyst –

dogtooth amethyst.jpg

Dog Tooth Amethyst:  Stone shaped like a tooth with dense purple and white cement color.  Vibrations are heavier and provide good grounding qualities besides uplifting our 3rd eye energies so that we do not get too spaced out.  I combine the Dogtooth Amethyst beads with Moss Agate to make a luck attracting combo.


electial amethyst.jpg

Elestial Amethyst:  Already elestial, normally in smoky variation and some come with fossilized water, by itself is a mysterious stone,  a storage house of ancient knowledge.  I suppose the amethyst inclusion would give it a more spiritual enhancement.


Rutilated Amethyst.    Another rare formation of amethyst is the rutilated ones, with fine hair-like strains in the stone.  It is supposed to provide the stone with an electric zap, and like all rutilated stones it is supposed to attract romance (Cupid arrows) and good for unmarried individuals.


By Anthony Leong


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