Alternative To Meditation – The Christian Approach

When I was running a Crystal Shop two years ago,  people from different background used to come to me for advice on the use of natural stones and meditation.  One elderly lady who told me she came from a rather “orthodox” church confided in me her personal problems with her family and claimed she was cautioned by her church pastor against learning any form of meditation.  I advised her that all she need to do was to keep repeating “God (Christ) Is Great”  as many times as possible and she would reap the benefits of meditation without actually practicing formal meditation which her religion forbids her to do so.

Meditation should not be regarded as a structured practice affiliated with any religion,  and I have always advocated it as a life habit,  just like taking a mental break,. it can be practiced anyway,  any time and any place with minimal effort.  In fact,  one can attain meditative state while going about their routine,  like cooking.  All one has to do is to concentrate on cooking, and not to be distracted by any other strayed thoughts.

I remember our former PM Goh Chok Tong revealed how he relieved stress by devoting some time to counting numbers from 500 backward.  It is also popularly known that another former PM, the late Lee Kuan Yew also meditated regularly, and the practice was said to have helped him in a way recover from a heart attack.  He learned the Christian meditation from a Benedictine monk . :  (


By Anthony Leong

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