Advanced Techniques in Energy Application

What I am going to discuss energy manifestation is epoch-making.   I have yet to come across any literature that describes this method. This applies to deploying energy to do healing, manifesting or protection, and even remote sensing and projection.

When you connect energy to do your bidding, you do not depend on chance or wishy-washy belief that it must work.  The exception only applies to those who are spiritually gifted or blessed to have highly evolved divine beings as their guides or guardians.

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The key to effective application of energy lies in knowing the energy fields at the peripherals of the physical and non-physical objects.  Like what I have spoken about the energy fields around our physical body each interlacing with one another through variance in vibration frequencies and each connecting to a chakra.   (Reference:  )

So, after we are positively familiar with the energy fields or subtle energy bodies, we can consciously tap into each individually by tracing its source to one of the seven main chakras.  I use the sense of compressing or folding of the energy fields towards our physical body until they positively resonate the source chakras.

When I need to draw upon the all-powerful Ketheric energy field connected to the Crown Chakra to do healing or protection,  I consciously box in the energy field until it stirs the Crown.  Then I benchmark the energy, connect it to my right projecting palm and beam it out to do whatever my biding.  Meanwhile, I still check and ascertain that unmistakably the source of this energy is still linked to the Ketheric energy field.    To strengthen the energy projected I add a dash of whitish violet colour.    So, we could tap on all the energy fields in this manner and apply them for our purpose.  Like, if you need to disseminate love or compassion in the air, you tap into your Astral energy field linked to your Heart Chakra and spread it outward.

The purposeful manipulation of the energy field,  or subtle energy bodies,  could be applied to weave a protective armour around your physical body.   To do this,  you could concentrate your thoughts on the Etheric Template energy field that is connected to your Throat Chakra.  Once you positively identify and segregate this energy field from the rest,  you will it to compress or shrink as close as possible to your physical body.  You stop only when you feel this energy field become so tight that it forms a dense energy wall around your body.   This energy armour is supposed to be Cobalt Blue in colour,  and is sufficient to shield you from most auric attack from hostile spirits.

It’s the same in drawing the energy of inanimate objects like stones or talismans.  You consciously search for the energy fields surrounding them, even visually identifying their auras besides feeling their strength or amplitude of their vibration frequency.   You compress this energy field until it is traced to the objects of your manipulation.  So you could not only feel the energy property of the objects but also tap into this unique energy superimposed on them for your purpose.  Similarly,  when you succeed in blessing or consecrating a stone or talisman,  you could feel the energy field surrounding them becoming stronger,  and this powerful feeling can be reflected on the forearm of the hand you are holding them.

When you chant a mantra, you should consciously define the radius, visualizing an energy field,  through which you want your mantra to disseminate, for example, the confines of your house.  Then when you vocalize your mantra you consciously sense the sound wave it invokes rippling outward to fill up the space you have originally delineated.   This is effective at removing negative energy from premises and locations.

Once you are familiar with the concept, your imagination is your limit.  You could literary tap on to the energy fields of all things – the Sun, Moon, and Stars.  Of course, one can only attain this level of connectivity through painstaking practice and training, with proper meditation.  I have also drawn up a training programme which can train and gear a person to attain the level of connectivity.


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By Anthony Leong

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