Activating the Heart Chakra, the Seed of Compassion

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The opening of our 7 major chakra for ascension is a pre-requisite to develop our spirituality. The heart chakra, the seed of compassion and universal love, is an important gateway to ascend to the higher realms of Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakra.. The three higher chakras are our temples of spirituality.
The practice of giving unconditionally is one of the methods to open up the Heart Chakra.  As I am not endowed with immense wealth, I could not involve myself in charity to gain compassion.
As a substitute for doing charity, I try to teach unreservedly whatever I have learned about the metaphysics and spirituality. And, I augment this with an invocation while doing my daily prayers to my Buddha and Bodhisattva. . At the end of my mantra chanting paying tributes to the Buddha, Boddhisattva and deities, I wrap up the session by asking for blessing for  the world – ” Thank you for blessing the World” instead of the mundane pleas for personal fortune, health and protection. I have been doing that for over 39 years. It is through these methods, I succeeded in opening up my Heart chakra, and ascended through my Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakra.
I remember hearing a sermon by an Indian avatar, Amman Narayani, who also spoke about Dana, the virtue of generosity. Besides garnering the merits by giving alms, donating and sharing generously, he also advocated we could attain Dana by meditation. He explains that it is the time spent in meditation that we avoid straying into negative thoughts of coveting for illicit desires. He sums up that by accumulating good Dana, we could garner merits not only for our ascension, but also giving us good Karma to give us a better life in our next reincarnation.

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