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When my teacher first taught me meditation,  he asked me not to waste my time if I just learned meditation for health’s sake.  He saw something special in me,  maybe my karmic link to a spiritual past.  He also asked whether I was prepared to accept Buddhism as it offered proper explanations to some of that unexplainable phenomenon I would be experiencing once I chose to be on the path.   To me, Buddhism is more a life philosophy rather than a religion per se.   Since then, I have been practicing Buddhism, though not a very devout one.  Once Shampa Rinpoche of the Karma Kagyud School chanced upon me and advised me to immerse more in Dharma teachings, something which I have not tried very hard.

I practice some Hindu methods and have great admiration for the ancient culture, but I am not a Hindu at heart, just borrowing some of their methods, quite similar to my involvement in some Taoist Qigong methods.  I am like a sponge that absorbs bits and pieces from all different schools.   Over the period of time, I have suspected that different schools have tried to beckon me into their fold, in their most subtle ways, and I have chosen not to commit myself to any as yet.

Like what I have said earlier, I have found appeal in the Buddhist universal philosophical outlook  –  such as the practice of compassion for all beings.   I have an obsessive passion to learn and to teach others.  It is like as if I am running short of time in this life.


Anthony Leong


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