About Chakra and their corresponding Energy Fields.


Look at the contours interlacing the physical body. They are connected to the chakra. The chakra is like an electric dynamo that churns incessantly and produces an electric magnetic field of differing vibration frequency.

So, the base chakra has a lower frequency vibration, and the energy field form by the electric magnetic force is barely half an inch from the physical body. The upper chakra each has its own frequency, each escalating and with broader outreach away from the physical body.  So, by comparison, the energy field of the base chakra is about half an inch wide from the physical body while the energy field of the crown chakra can fill up the size of a room. 

They interlace with one another. Another important point is the chakra and their corresponding energy fields are represented by colours – base red, sacral orange, solar plexus yellow, heart green, throat blue, third eye indigo and crown violet.

Each colour has its own characteristic frequency, and together they are similar to the 7 colours of the rainbow.

The purpose of spiritual practice is to train our mind, our consciousness and awareness, to be aware of not only the chakra but their corresponding energy fields, and ultimately learn to manage them.

Looking beyond our physical bodies, and their corresponding energy fields, there are other out-of-the-body chakra system and their progressively refine frequency.  For example, there is the soul star chakra, about a foot above the crown chakra, and there are simplistically speaking other chakra that reach out to the universe.  Down to earth, there is the earth star chakra which also emanates its corresponding energy force. 

Whoever succeed in managing their energy field at ease will likely to attain the God’s Mode.  At present, I could harness the vibration frequency of the energy fields connected with their corresponding chakra to do healing, cleansing or defense.  As I am still far away from attaining the higher levels, I could only deploy them with my limited skill with limited success.  


Anthony Leong

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